Quick Trip Report


Just wanted to post about our Spring Break trip. We went from March 28 (evening) until April 1st. We picked the perfect day for MK. March 29 (Sat) had early hours starting at 7am. No lines…no crowds. Life was good. Even into the latter part of the morning the crowds were not bad at all. In the afternoon the kids went in the pool at POFQ. Had a good time. We had dinner at Concourse Steakhouse. Not all it is cracked up to be. Didnt go to Chef Mickey’s afterall. One of the people we were with really wanted to try the steakhouse so we gave in. Went back to MK after dinner for rides and the fireworks. Everyone had a great time.

Sunday we went to the Orlando Science Center. The kids really liked it. Lots to do. Also went through the Titanic exhibit. Our second time, our friends’ first. The kids were a little bored but were good. Left about 3:30pm. Our friends had to leave to go home. We went to AKL. We were staying there for our last 2 nights. Called the resort ahead of time and got our room number. We had booked just a standard room. Went to the resort, went to the room, opened the door, and what a great surprise…we were upgraded to savannah view! Ran over to check it out and there were several giraffees outside our balcony. My parents checked in to AKL and had a connecting room with us. They went into their room to find they had bunk beds. So immediately my ds (6 yrs old) asked if we could switch rooms. Of course the grandparents said yes. So we got a savannah view room with bunks for the price of a standard room. Very nice surprise.

Ate dinner at AKL at the counter service area. Food was really good actually. Loved the chicken pita they had. Then we went to Epcot for a few hours then went to the resort to get ds into bed.

Monday morning we went to Hollywood Studios. DS couldnt wait to see Indiana Jones’ show again. Afterwards we went to MK to meet my brother and his family. The park was soooooo crowded. Long story short, we left fter a few hours and went to the resort. DS wanted to hangout in the room, watch the giraffees, etc. Had dinner at Mara’s again then went back to MK for a few rides and the fireworks.

Tuesday morning we decided we didnt want to fight the crowds so we had breakfest at Mara’s, played in the arcade a little while, then headed for home (3 hour drive).

That is about it. Any questions about the Science Center feel free to ask.


How great! A great view for a great price. That is a vacation!


It sounds like you had a fun trip! That is great that you got upgraded!! One of these days we will get to AKL!!


Sounds like a great trip! What an awesome surprise to get the upgrade!! I will never have that kind of luck.


Cool! Getting upgraded is such a HAPPY feeling . . . isn’t it?


Nice TR. Its nice to get a qucik trip to WDW isnt it?? Any pictures


Looks like you had a nice trip. Very cool to be upgraded to the Savanah view! One day I hope to stay at AKL and watch the giraffes from the balcony.


Great TR. Thanks for sharing.


Thanks for sharing!


Awesome!! Love getting an upgrade!!
Too bad you didn’t get to go to Chef Mickey’s but it sounds like the trip was great!!


I Love a free upgrade!

Sounds like you had a great time. Thanks for sharing.