Quick trip report


Did a quick 2 day to Disney from the Tampa area 26-27 May 09.
Stayed at the Dolphin. Very nice place. We like it a lot.
Usually we are very scripted in our 2 day trips. Yesterday, my wife didn’t want to wait around until 9am to go to Soarin so we went over to the MK for early opening. I have to chuckle. There is this elderly guy who is there literally every time we are there. He’s right there when the park opens. Asked a CM and they say he is there every day!! Good for him. I’m sure loads of us would love to retire “at Disney.” MK opened up a smattering of rides throughout the park this day. Usually it’s Fantasy and Tomorrowland. Of course Big Thunder wasn’t running. Got a fast pass and came back a few hours later. Big crowds there. Rode what we wanted then headed over to Epcot via the monorail for lunch… however when we got to the Ticket/Transportation station, they announced the monorail was down. So we had to take a bus. There were 2 there ready to go within 5 minutes of us arriving at the special Epcot bus pick up at TTC. Did a Food & Wine practice run around World Showcase. Fun and great food too!!! btw, we arrived shortly after 11 and the wait for Spaceship Earth was very lengthy too. Again, huge crowds, which dwindled rapidly once we got to World Showcase.
For dinner, we thought we’d hotel hop around MK resorts. Took the bus from the Dolphin to MK and literally just got on the monorail when it STORMED… like the proverbial cats and dogs. . No problem…we were in the monorail. Did Tambu Lounge at the Poly until the restaurants opened. Ate at the sushi bar. Sushi (of course) and my wife had a taste for their wings… no kidding. Everything was excellent. I’d go back in a heartbeat. I do like Kimono’s sushi better, but service, food, atmosphere were tops. Can’t complain. Went to take the monorail to Grand Floridan for round 2, but that monorail was down!!
Walked in a sprinkle to the boat docks and had a nice ride around Seven Seas Lagoon to MK and then to GF from the Poly. We were right there at Narcoossee’s so we decided to stop in. Grabbed a seat at the bar and had some mussels and buttermilk fried shrimp. Excellent!!! So is their sour dough bread!! Great food, atmosphere and service. Had a ball. Went to Citrico’s for round 3. Sat at their bar too. Was bit disappointed. Had their Spiced and Seared Ahi Tuna topped with Cherry Chutney and Blackberry Vinaigrette. Personally, I think it would have been better served as a sashimi. It didn’t have much flavor. My wife had Arancini Crispy Risotto - Italian Sausage, Quaitro Formaggi, and White Truffle Aioli. Very dry. Nice atmosphere, very nice staff, but our selections left us wanting. By now, we were pretty full, and the monorail was working again so we took the monorail to MK, the the Dolphin bus back and had dessert @ the Dolphin Fountain. Swirl softserve carmel sundae with the works!!! Marvelous.
Spent most of today at the Studios with lunch at Brown Derby. My favorite restaurant at Disney and it didn’t disappoint. Fun quick 2 day trip to WDW from Tampa.


Frank, you’re even worse that I can be with quick trips.
I was there Saturday to catch up with one old friend from college and I might just have to do a return this weekend because an even older friend (grade school all the way through college graduation) is heading down from NJ.
And then I’ve got my own 4 days in WDW coming up in a little more than two weeks.

So, Citrico’s was a bit of a miss? That’s one of the very few places we haven’t tried yet, and their menu keeps it on my second tier.
Of course you know by now Narc’s is one of my favorites.


oh great, I love to restaurant hop. So much fun when the kids are not coming along. Love sitting at the bar, watching the goings on in the kitchens. Too bad you didn’t enjoy the food at Citricos as much though.


>>So, Citrico’s was a bit of a miss? <<

Gorgeous place, very nice people…
We probably won’t go back. SOOO many other great places.


>>you’re even worse that I can be with quick trips.<<
I wanted to stay another day, but my wife said no <g>. Rates at the Dolphin were really great, so I thought… what the heck <g>.

>>I was there Saturday to catch up with one old friend from college and I might just have to do a return <<

Don’t cha hate it whan you “have” to make a return to Disney <bg>!! I love those.

We spend lots of time in Tampa, so it’s a pretty quick trip over, but the afternoon storms along the 4 can be tough. Ran into one yesterday that was a bit bad, and this at 130pm. It hit early.
The one the nite before was really bad. Of course sitting in the Tambu Lounge sipping a Mai-Tai watching it makes it all feel so much better<g>.