Quick update on PI...please


Anybody have any short summary on PI. Lat year when I went down it was under construction. Do they still do new years? Is the beach club still there, I hope they didnt change it, I love that place.

I know they changed it so people can walk through it without actually going into any of the bars/clubs.

Just wanted to know what I could expect and if there were any major changes.


Anybody have a short summary?


oh wow- Iforgot about that- I wanna see fireworks on my romantic trip!!!


I was there last Sept during construction. The last I heard is that there is no longer a “New Years” every night.


I was not sure if it was still on or not, when I was there two years ago it was. Last aug when I was there, I cannot remember if the stage was even still there.

Im just hoping it is not under construction when I get there. I know they have made some nice additions and changes which Im looking forward to.