Quickest way from MGM to Boma


I am still deciding on my schedule but was wondering the directions to go to Boma from MGM by DT. We do have a car but we were going to go to Wishes after Boma and thought DT would be better. Thanks!


From MGM, you take the Animal Kingdom Lodge bus. IT’s a pretty quick ride. I can’t remember which stop it is, but they have a map that will tell you right near the bus area.


Thats the way to go, as for the stop they change every so often your best bet is to look at the sign right by the buses. The bus ride is about 15 mins from the studios to the ak lodge (boma). From the Ak lodge to the MK is about 20 to 25 mins. Those are appormite on the bus times plus you may have to wait a additional 20 mins for a bus to show up.