QuickSilver - has anyone used it recently?


What was your experience? Was it worth the money? I am thinking of using QS to take us from MCO to Contemporary but using ME to go back to the airport. Can we do this? Thanks, as always!


Everytime we use Quicksilver it is an excellent experience. We last used them in January.
Yes you can hire them for one trip only.


What is QS???


Towncar service QuickSilver.


We used QS last fall (as we have for the last 4 years), and thew service is great! They are always on time and very professional. You can hire them for just a 1 way transfer, but if I remember right, it is almost as expensive to do it that way as to do a round trip.


We used them in December. As always, they were top notch. Over the years we have tried other services and we feel QS is the best.


Highly recommend. Use them anytime we’re not renting a car.


Sorry to thread jack, but how far in advance do you usually book QS? I have my flight times and flight numbers now so I am wondering if we should go ahead and book them for our Set 17-25 trip. Can you book this early?


I’m going in Oct. and I’m booked. It’s all part of the planning fun. And one thing less about which to worry.


Book as soon as you have your flight numbers. They appreciate the advance notice as much as any business would. You can make the arrangements online and then Gregory will be in touch with you. It’s simple, it’s professional, it’s always wonderful.

The first time we used them the boys were 9 or so and very excited. When we arrived in Orlando, there was our driver with a sign with our boys’ names on it. They loved it! So ask them to do that for you if that matters to you.


Does anyone know how long it takes to get from MCO to Contemporary using QS?


No, it’s faster than the bus :cool:


Last December it took 25 minutes. :wub:


That seals the deal - QS for us!! Thanks!


Just curious, but how much?


I dont have a bad word to say about Quicksilver.

how much?? here is the QS web site hope it helps
Quicksilver Tours & Transportation : Orlando airport Disney World transportation.


We booked today!


We have our reservations for September. We used them in 2006 and it was a great experience.


If you sign up for the QuickSilver newsletter there has been a discount to use.
I just got the latest newsletter and it is good until Aug. 31.
Depending on service you use it could save you $5 to $10 off.

Every little bit helps, we are using them to take us to SeaWorld when on Sept. 17th


how do you get a newsletter? I have looked all over the site and cant find any sing up for it,