Quicksilver included in the 2005 Unofficial Guide to WDW


We are very happy to announce that Quicksilver Tours & Transportation was included in the “2005 Unofficial Guide to WDW” (Bob Sehlinger’s). We were surveyed over the last 6 months before a final decision to include our company was made.

We were also recently included in the"Luxury Guide to WDW" (Cara Goldsbury’s), also a very fine book that recognized our hard work.

As a member and sponsor here at Disney Central I proudly share my happiness with all of you. It is always a good feeling to see your work and all the hours invested being recognized by such good travel guides.

My best regards to all,

Gregory Nicolas.


Congrats Gregory, its great to see your company will get more exposure for the great work you do. the survey you were talking about was that the one I got emailed to me about 3 weeks ago?


Congrats!! :cool:

I can’t wait to use your services in October (we reserved already)!!! I’ve heard so many good things about Quicksilver.


No, that was an internal survey I did myself to know if our customers liked our services and etc…

We were surveyed by the book itself. They sent “spys” to use our services without us knowing they were from the Unofficial Guide. I guess they liked it since there are only two companies included this year. :angel:


Gregory Nicolas.
:mickey: :mickey: :mickey:


We’ll be booking with you for our cruise next April.
Your roundtrip prices to Port Canaveral are great!!


I saw you listed in there Gregory. I just finished the 2005 version a few days ago. Congrats to you and your team! :mickey: