Quicksilver is #1!


I just got a personal call from Greg because they had a little trouble with our reservation for transportation this coming December. Some information was missing from the e-reservation so he called to get it. What a great businessman!! We used Quicksilver in April 2005, too. I highly recommend them!
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I am glad that they are taking such excellent care of you. :cool:


yep, they are great!
We Won’t unse anyone else.


They are wonderful, I set my inlaws up with QuickSilver last summer and they were impressed.


I’m a fan, too.

We’ve been using Quicksilver for the past few trips (thanks to DC) and they’ve been great!! (Especially since I’m such a Disney trip perfectionist and hate it when anything goes wrong, so I call Gregory, like, seventy-five times to let him know if our plane is late or not.) This past trip, the driver was about 25 minutes late (not his fault–he got caught up in traffic coming from another drop-off), and Gregory gave us a substantial discount.

I don’t know how much Magical Express has reduced Quicksilver’s business (I’ve heard that towncar companies have been shrinking their fleets and/or closing as a result of the new Disney service), but Gregory and his staff can rest assured that we’ll continue to use them for our Disney transport.


Yeah Quicksilver!!


Agreed. We won’t use any other car service. They deliver some of the best customer service that I have seen from anyone.


I was reading about them here and they sound really good. Can I ask why people don’t want to use the Magical Express? Is it super slow? I am thinking maybe we should just pay for Quicksilver if it means a smoother, faster trip to the hotel. With the 3 kids maybe it would be better to just arrange for our own private transportation to get us to our hotel?



My main reason is we like the grocery stop. (Quicksilver will stop at a grocery store on the way to your resort (at no extra charge) and give you 1/2 hour to do some shopping.)

The other reason is that it is really nice to be able to go directy to your resort without any other stops or waits.

Another plus is arriving at your resort with your luggage at the same time.

To me it’s well worth the money.


My sentiments exactly. We got a call from Gregory as well when the form on their website wouldn’t work with my firefox browser. Excellent service and our choice. What a great way to arrive :smile: and depart :sad: WDW


I already have our reservations made for September thanks to all the great reviews I read here. I decided to go with them vs. Magical Express because our plane does not get in until 1:00 AM and the quicker we can get to the resort the more sleep we can get and I don’t want to have to wait for our luggage to arrive.


We are using them again in April. Actually we arrive at different times and half of us are using ME. We will have a good comparison. I can’t wait to see how ME goes.


If you don’t mind me asking what are the rates per person? Do they stop at several resorts in one trip also? Is it like vans or the big buses?


We had a town car, Wish, but they also have limousines if I am not mistaken. We paid for 4 people roundtrip $95.00 in 2004.
A grocery stop and a free phone call (we didn’t use either)
They picked us up, got our luggage and off we went. 20 mins. after arriving in Orlando we were at POR. Fantastic.