Quicksilver to Sea World


Just booked Quicksilver to go to Sea World on 8/29. $70 round trip…pretty much on par with what I would pay a cab. Just wanted to share! Waiting on my confirmation from them and will be pretty much set for Sea World…this trip is really coming together. Next week - ADRs!


Did you get your air yet? The airlines seem to be slow in getting the new dates up, don’t they?


What is Quicksilver?


QuickSilver is a car service in Orlando. We used the service once, they were very nice to work with.


I haven’t booked airfare yet. I’m waiting for Sw to open thier flights for my time frame. I am only using QS for SW. I am using ME for the airport. I can’t swing both…to much money for something I can get for free. If I wasn’t doing SW, I would have sprung for the towncar to and from the airport. We are also doing Disney Quest again and I don’t want to over-spend on my “extras”…less for PARK shopping and that’s a HUGE part of me and DD’s trip.


got my confirmation…BTW…forgot to mention that…lol


Sounds fun :slight_smile: im jealous your planning a trip right now I would love to be. Have a wonderful time :slight_smile:


I am planning to use QS for same thing - trip over to Sea World. What time do you recommend setting for pick up at the end of the day? I wasn’t sure how much time to allot for Sea World. Like everything else, I assume we should get there at opening.


I picked 5pm for my pick up. LAst time we were there, that was plenty of time to spend at Sea World.