Quicksilver tours review


About a week ago I made a quick trip home to New England and to get myself to and from the airport I used Quicksilver tours. I was impressed the last time I used them so I decided to try again, this time Carlos picked me up at my APT and arrived about 15 mins early. When I came out of my APT Carlos was very quick to help with my bags and load them into the car. Carlos had a extremely clean Cadillac. The car was much roomier then the Lincoln I had been in the last time. Carlos got me to the airport and was very helpful in unloading the luggage. When the issue of payment came up he told me right off, “we can take payment on the way back if you prefer.” That was appreciated however I payed right then anyway.

The return trip started out rough as I was stuck in New England due to weather delays, and a complete and total lack of competence on the part on SONG management. Needless to say my flight was going to be late, I called Gregory at Quicksilver and told him what was going on and he was quite able to make arrangement’s for me. When I came down the escalator at MCO there was Carlos Again standing there, he had already figured out what carousel my baggage would be at and brought me over to it. Once my luggage was finally off loaded Carlos was very helpful carrying my baggage to the car. We got in the car and we were on are way. Once we got back to my APT he dropped me right at the door and helped me unload my luggage.

I found Quicksilver to be very good during this entire trip. I was impressed with the driving habits as well, most town car companies could use some work on there driving skills however Carlos drove safely the entire way and used his turn signal every time, something I find very uncommon with most town car companies down here. Keep up the Great Service Gregory


I’m not surprised in the least. Delta should be ashamed of SONG. Nice looking planes… and nothing else. DW will never fly SONG again. We’ve made the permanent jump to JetBlue.

I’d like to second that. I’ve been a HUGE fan of Gregory and Quicksilver since our trip in May. :mickey:


But why has their logo disappeared from the site? Are they no longer sponsors of DC?


They are still a link on the front page Tom. I don’t know why the logo is gone though.

15mintowdw - thanks for the review. It makes me even more excited to use them in January. Sorry your retun home was such a hassle…some airlines aren’t so good huh? Welcome home! :mickey:


Where’s the link? I can’t see them in the list of sponsors on the home page. Am I going mad? :eek:


Right at the top of the page there are 3 sponsors, they are one of them



Actually I’m kind of glad about that flight for the simple reason I know Appriciate southwest airlines low fares and good customer service. Maybe one day jet blue will fly into Hartford, CT and then I will try them but I won’t fly song again. I tried them this time becuase I booked the fares last min and they were only $10 more per flight. anyhow stay tuned and I will post a review of all the problems I had with song airlines.

Back on the subject though I will say it was nice to walk down the escalator and know I had nothing to worry about at getting home from the airport. Thanks again Gregory


Perhaps… :whistling

Kidding. On the home page, I see a link for Mouseketrips, Quicksilver & Kingdom Consultants (sp?). Maybe you are having a minor computer issue…or maybe it’s a conspiracy. :rolleyes: OK, I’m a bit silly today…my apologies in advance for all silliness. :mickey:


Oh right. You mean THAT one. Right slap bang at the top of the page? Doh :rolleyes:


Hello everyone,

For a moment there I thought we were banned…LOL LOL

Thanks 10 min for the nice review. We really appreciate when our clients take their time to post a review on us. I hope many good ones will follow… :angel:


Gregory Nicolas.
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Wow! Now I am impressed!! Quicksilver are that fast, they even knock five minutes off your name!!! Travel with them and you’re only 10 mins to wdw :biggrin: :biggrin:


My mistake. In another discussion forum 15 min to WDW is 10 min to WDW…(seriously)…LOL LOL :blush:


Oh that must be the Universal forum. That’s about 5 minutes nearer. :blink: :blink:


LOL yes when I signed up here it was december around the holidays and there was traffic and it takes longer to get there with holiday Traffic.