Yahoo! Just booked our transfers with Quicksilver for September 7th and 12th. I just LOVE doing the details, and Quicksilver is the best…my whole family use them time and time again! I’m the crazy one in the back seat yelling “YAHOO! We’re here!!” when we pass under the Walt Disney World sign…


yay! good for you. We love Quicksilver too.


Congrats to you. I have used them twice…awesome service.

BTW: I am also the one yelling “woo hoo we’re here!”…I think every member of mousbuzz does a similar cheer:laugh:


Quicksilver rocks!


When our friend can not take us back and forth to the airport, we use Quicksilver. They are the best!


Quicksilver is the only way I’ll travel to/from the airport! I will be using them in December. I also make rumblings of happiness from the back seat. :cool: :happy: :laugh: :wacko: :mickey: :cheshire: :goofybounce: