QuickTime Pro Rocks!


Just wanted to share my experience with you about taking movie clips from a digital camera.

I have an Olympus camedia that I took many movie clips while at WDW. A few of them I took holding the camera to get a vertical view (like when I took a video of the “tall” DiVine at AK). Well, when I downloaded the movie clips onto my computer they automatically open with QuickTime Player. Also my files have the extension .mov. Well, they’re not supported by Windows MediaPlayer.

So, I’m thinking to myself, how can I rotate the vertical .mov files so you don’t have to twist your neck sideways in order to see the movie. I also wondered how I can merge all of the 25 or so video clips into one big movie file.

Then a computer guru at work told me about QuickTime Pro. I downloaded it onto my computer and it saved my life (not really my life, but it sure made it easier). The Pro version lets you rotate your movie files, and combine them all into one big movie. Now all of my little clips are all in one 45 minute long movie. AMAZING! I still haven’t had the chance to play around with the special effects available, but at least everything flows nicely. Next step is to burn onto a DVD to see if it’s viewable on the TV.

Hope this helps some fellow MBer out there.


That sounds amazing. Glad you found it and had success with it.