Quotable Sentiments


I just found one more case were Disney has thought of everything.

If you are ever at a loss for the perfect thing to write in a birthday, valentines or anniversary card… check out Lake Buena Vista, FL - Florist, Flowers, Flower Delivery, Send Flowers, Walt Disney World Florist : Home

Look for Quotable Sentiments on the left - MEN - Hear me - some of these quotes will have your wife weak in the knees! :wub: Could get you out of the doghouse :laugh:

I may never get the chance to send or recieve flowers from Disney, but I will be refering to this site - And I will make sure my husband has it marked in Favorites! I don’t mind my knees getting weak :wub:

Just had to share.


Cool link. Thanks for posting it.


I loved reading some of the “Quotable Sentiments,” but I really loved looking at all the things you can order. I especially love the one for kids with Mickey ears, an autograph book and treats. I know 3 kids who would LOVE that! I think Mickey and Minnie might have to send that to them on our next trip!


SWEEET!!! I can always use a little help with right words. Mostly because my DW still makes me speechless after 16 years. :wub: