Race To Witch Mountain


The trailer was just released and it looks really good.
Race to Witch Mountain trailers and video clips on Yahoo! Movies


I LOVED the Witch Mountain movies when I was a kid and now my son likes them. I just showed him the trailer, he’s excited.


I loved the movie as a kid as well. The new one looks really good. It may be worth redeeming a few disney dollars for the movie passes.


I loved Witch Mountain when growing up. I can’t wait to see this one.


Did anyone see it yet? It’s the #1 movie…I can’t wait to see it!


We saw it yesterday, it was great!!! DD (10) and I loved it. I had debated on bringing my nephew, who will be 6 in May, and I’m glad I didn’t, I think it may have been a bit intense for him.


I took DD9 and DD5 yesterday! We loved it! (I :heart: DJ :blush:)

It was a bit intense, shoot em up, bang em up, but the girls enjoyed it. Some parts were over DD5’s head . . . she’d lean over and ask me “Why?” did that just happen. :laugh::laugh:

My friends came with us, she has a DD9 and a DD4. DD4 was scared and hiding her eyes in a few parts.

You’ll enjoy it if you go, I’d recommend it!