Race to Witch Mountain


We purchased the original witch mountain movies for the kids to watch, which they loved and today we took them to see Race to Witch Mountain, which they also loved and so did we. Has Anyone else seen it yet, if so, what did you think?


I loved the Witch Mountain movies when I was a kid and my son has been watching them for a couple of years. I bought a lot of the live action movies 4-5 years ago and to my surprise my son loved them.

We saw Race to Witch Mountain last night and really liked it. It might be too much for little ones but my 10 year old was fine and loved it.


We saw it last weekend and liked it a lot. I think some of it went over DD5’s head, but DD9 liked it a lot!


Saw it last nite…loved it!


I used to watch the original witch mountain movies when I was little, and I love them! (Me and aliens<3) haha. But I am excited to see the new one! Although, I usually like originals. And I hate the rock… especially as an actor. lol.