Racing experience thing... information please


Has anyone ever done that Tom Petty… Petty Cash… Petits fours… Luke Perry [whatever it’s called] driving experience in WDW? Ya know the one where boys get to race a car around some track all fast? Yeah, that one.

I need information. Cost? What about rain? Is it worth it? etc…


The only thing I’ve heard about rain is you don’t get a refund, you get a year to rebook and do it (at any track). I don’t know if that is correct but I remember reading a trip report here and I believe that’s what happened. It stuck with me because that’s a lot of money if it gets canceled and the person can’t use the credit.


I remember that there are two options –

One is where you drive the car, which is insanely expensive… I mean insane. I will go look up prices.

The other is where you ride in the car only, which is… almost insanely expensive!


I think it’s Richard Petty? Isn’t that right?


Yes it is called “The Richard Petty driving experience”. It is expensive but if you are a speed junkie or a Nascar fan it is a treat. DW and I both went two years ago and it took three days to wipe the smile from her face. I enjoyed it as well but my interest is more in the realm of drag racing:heart:.


I was going to book this for my Dh’s 30th in August as a surprise. I am really bad at surprises so I told him and he said he would love to do it, but it is way too expensive. This came from a man who is a big spender! I was shocked that he decided against it.

I have also read that if you are to do it, you need to do at least the 18 lap one. They say it takes a good 10 laps just to get comfortable.


This is irrelevent to the actual experience, but there’s a Richard Petty Driving Experience in Charlotte, NC.


On the website, there are quite a few locations…


What do you mean by expensive?


I looked into it for my DH once. The full experience where he would actually drive was around $350 I think. There are other less expensive options which involve riding along. He heard about the rain-out policy and decided not to do it. I wish he would change his mind.


/ɪkˈspɛnsɪv/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [ik-spen-siv] Show IPA Pronunciation
entailing great expense; very high-priced; costly: an expensive party.
1620–30; expense + -ive



/ɪkˈspɛnsɪv/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [ik-spen-siv] Show IPA Pronunciation
entailing great expense; very high-priced; costly: an expensive party.
1620–30; expense + -ive


I know not what this word means. :pinch::laugh:


I looked for more information on-line. To do the experience & 8 laps it’s about $375. which is exactly what I thought it would be. There are some ‘bigger’ experience with 18 laps, 30 laps, etc… I don’t know. I would do it but the ‘rain thing’ has me sayin’ ehhhh 'cause look at our record for rain dissapointment in WDW. :laugh: And this would be in JUNE! oy vey.


Here’s link to their main web-site.

Experience the Thrill of a NASCAR-style Stock Car at over 20 tracks Nationwide!


OK, I am a complete idiot.:pinch: Please scratch this idea. :laugh: I was just reminded that my husband work’s for someone who owns a racecar fabricating shop & they have a race car named after their business. Apparantly Daniel could drive it over in Englishtown if he really wanted too.

[blonde moment]


Any other suggestions for his birthday? :laugh:


Segway Segway!


Unfortunately he WON’T do it! He makes fun of the ‘helmet heads’ everytime he sees them zooming by in EPCOT.:laugh::pinch:


Are you guys foodies?? If so Victoria & Albert’s Chef’s Table. I was there last night and it was AMAZING!! Trying to post a TR, but having problems!


You need to call Disney! :happy:

Each time I call them, they ask me “What am I celebrating” while I’m at WDW? I think there are PLENTY of options BESIDES the free entry on your birthday!! Call them and see what they say!