Raglan Road and Disney Dining Experience card


I’ve read several complaints on other boards that the new Irish pub, Raglan Road, isn’t honoring the 20 percent Disney Dining Experience discount even though the restaurant is listed on WDW literature as accepting the card. The management apparently has been quite argumentative over not accepting the card, claiming Disney’s literature is a “misprint.” There also have been reports of the restaurant staff complaining about having to accept WDW room cards.

Has anyone here had a similar bad experience trying to use the DDE card at Raglan Road?


I don’t recall seeing it on the DDE list. In fact, it wsn’t even built when I got my card. Where was it listed?

Does Planet Hollywood accept Disney room cards?


According to what was posted on another board, Raglan Road was listed on a sheet of participating restaurants given to new DDE members when they picked up their temporary card(s) at WDW.


I have read the same reviews, Park Hopper. I have read about guests being given a hard time because they wanted to pay with a Disney room key/room charge even though they take the room charge. I guess it’s a pain and the guests have been told as much. I have also read reports where the staff complained about Disney guests. Not what I wanted to hear, I hope the staff is retrained and reports get better.

I hope they get the DDE problem taken care of, someone messed up on that one.


I just sent an e-mail to the PI Raglan Road Irish pub requesting their DDE policy. I also told them of the negative comments multiplying on the Internet regarding their treatment of WDW guests. We’ll see what kind of response I get.


Well, if that keeps up, they won’t be open long. Planet Hollywood gave us no trouble using the Disney room card/key. If Raglan Road doesn’t respect its guests who are at Disney (odd, since they know they are on WDW property), they can count on being boycotted


That’s the strange part, they are on Disney property so one would think they would understand that better than 50% of business is going to be WDW guests. There are too many other restaurants to risk bad service at a WDW restaurant.


I have a DDE and we are going in Dec. I really want to find out if my card will work at Raglan Road. My mother never could get one of those $50 gift cards for there, so we’ll need the DDE to eat there.


Gee…if they take it, I could use both my DDE and my $50 GC! That would be cool!


All the reports I have read on other boards say no, RR won’t honor the DDE card. That may change but so far the news is not good.


Well, 24 hours later, and no response yet from Raglan Road. I’m going to call Disney and see what their take on it is.


After speaking with the DDE folks, here’s the official word: Raglan Road does NOT accept the Disney Dining Experience discount card. I was told Raglan Road initially agreed to be a participant – that’s why they were listed on some WDW literature as accepting the card – but apparently didn’t fully understand what they were agreeing to and subsequently backed out of the deal.

I told the CM I spoke with that there were reports of DDE card members being treated rudely at the restaurant, as well as problems with resort guests trying to use their room key/charge. The CM seemed horrified and said she would pass my comments on to her supervisor.

At any rate, now we know. It sure doesn’t seem like the best way for a new restaurant to win customers.




Well, it doesn’t bother me. I wouldn’t have known it was ever listed as a participant if i hadn’t read it here.

I’m fine with it.