Raglan road entertainment


We have Nov. reservations at Raglan Road and are wondering what time entertainment starts. Reservations are for 6 pm so hoping we won’t be too early. What type of entertainment is involved here. Our first time at this restaurant so not sure what to expect. Hear the food is quite good.
Thanks for any input.


Food is good but deserts are WONDERFUL! The bread pudding is outstanding and the best I’ve ever had. Wife in the family we are going with in Dec insisted on eating at the place with the bread pudding again…OR ELSE! :laugh:

My guess is that 6 will be too early for entertainment. Can always stop back in later for a pint!


We want to be there for the entertainment next time as well… As a third-gneration Irish-American on both my Da and Mom’s sides we never miss a chance to visit RR (although the food is a little too fancified for my traditional Irish tastes. But then, there’s not too much exciting about “authentic” Irish food, now is there?)