Raglan Road for just dessert and drinks?


Has anyone headed over to Raglan Road later in the evening (around 9 or so) and just gotten dessert and drinks? We definitely want to hit this place up this trip but we want to catch the music and dancer and they don’t start until 9:00 or so the website says. I’m not too keen on eating dinner at 9:00 or even 8:00 so we were thinking about eating somewhere else early and then heading over there later for dessert and drinks. Are they pretty accommodating over there for letting you occupy a table just to eat dessert?


This sounds like a cool idea! I wonder if you’d need an ADR if you just had drinks and dessert?


That’s exactly the same question I was going to ask. That’s what we want to do. I’m calling to make some ADRS tomorrow. I’m going to ask if an ADR is required for just dessert and drinks.


Let us know what you find out, llama! Thanks! :flowers:


I don’t see that that would be out of the question. We go to lots of restaurants not because we’re hungry, but because we want to cap off the night with a treat and a cocktail :wink:


This question comes up often in various forms.
You’re the guest! If you decide you just want desserts and coffee or drinks, or even appetizers and drinks, they aren’t going to throw you out. You’re still going to tip out at 15-18% and you’re still going to run up at least a $20 tab. Make the reservation, that’s what I say.
Let me amend that for Llama, make the reservation and don’t even bother asking about how much or little you’re ordering. I say make the reservation because it’s becoming harder and harder to just walk up anywhere and get seated quickly, or even at all, all over WDW, mostly due to the MYW dining plan. The only times I’d be more comfortable just walking up is during the last half hour any restaurant is seating and the later. So, if they stop seating at 10, by 9:30. But for me, I’d make the reservations.


That’s a good idea. I’ll try to make it for around 9. You’re right - not their business what we choose to eat. I didn’t enjoy the food there - except for the desserts, which were outstanding. I really want to go to enjoy the music. Thanks for the advice, Doug.:happy:


The Ger’s Bread and Butter Pudding is to die for!


exactly and well put, Doug :closedeye


We were just there in December and the waiter encouraged us to come back in later in the evening and just have drinks so we could enjoy the entertainment. So I would say definitely not a problem there. They expect guests to come in solely for the show.


I agree with Soundgod… short of making a ressie and ordering a glass of tap water, you ought to feel free to order anything you want! Have a wonderful time!


Is this the place at DTD? What is the entertainment? (More ideas for our quickie trip!)




Well shut my mouth wide open!:laugh:


It’s all Irish entertainers Maggie: singers, musicians, bands and step dancers.


That sounds really interesting. I’ll bring it up with DD tonight. I’m not sure I want to make an ADR, since we want to keep some time free to just wing it, but then again it will probably get pretty crowded at show time. Anyone have any experience with just walking it at 9:00 or so without an ADR?

BTW - DD is making fun of my planning obsession. It’s so nice to come here and ask these questions and not be ridiculed by the other obsessive planners here!


All I can tell you is we went on a Wednesday last month at 7p and we had an ADR. But there were a lot of people waiting for tables. There is outside seating and there probably isn’t as long a wait for those tables, but then the entertainment is inside.

I would think after 9pm on a weeknight wouldn’t be too bad.


I think I’ll probably go ahead and make an ADR too. Thanks everyone for the tips!