Raglan Road or Splitsville Luxury Lanes


I have been looking at the these two places in Disney Springs. I have never ate at either. What can you tell me about them? Thank you!!


We’ve been to Splitsville once. It was a fun place. The food was ok from what I remember. I would go again.

Unfortunately we haven’t been to Raglan so I can tell you anything about that one. However, we did eat at the Boat House on this past Thursday. We ate outside in the evening and enjoyed it.


Thank you Capt’. Is Splitsville new?


Love Raglan Road. Food is good and love the Irish dancers that perform during the day.


Splitsville has been around since 2013. Definitely check them out.


I may just have to try both.


I may just have to try both.


I’ve eaten at Ragland Rd, The food is very good and they had entertainment.


Love Ragland Road! Our “boys” enjoyed Splitsville when they visited with their cousins. They said the food was ok.


Raglan Rd is Irish food and drink. It is well done and the entertainment is fun.
We have not tried the bowling alley.