Raglan Road Reviews


We’ve never been and are thinking about trying it on our next trip. If you’ve been what did you think? What’s the best thing on the menu?


We have eaten here twice and the food was ok and the price I thought for what you get is a little high. It is worth trying once but we dont make it a point of going there everytime we are in disney like we do with other places in the world.


We’ll be on the dining plan so the only money we’ll have to worry about is tips and if we get drinks…


Unfortunately, I can’t speak to the menu, only the beverages on tap!:blush:


We went this past Nov and really liked it. I had the Bangers and Mash which had a side of Beef Stew. The “bangers” were a bit dry, but I loved the beef stew. Next time I would get the Beef Stew entree. The entertainment started at 9:00 and that was fun to watch. Although the Irish dancer looked scared to death! Even DD8 commented on the look on her face!! DH had some triple meat combo that he liked and DD had the fried shrimp childrens meal. The shrimp was so good and fresh and lightly breaded. She ate every last bit of it.

We were on the dining plan so we didn’t pay too much attention to the prices. The Bread Pudding dessert is absolutely to die for. I was so stuffed from beer and my entree that I couldn’t eat as much as I wanted - but it was really good!

I don’t think this is fine dining, but definately a fun night out!


Since you are on the dining plan then I would try it.


We ate there in October. I didn’t like their original menu when they opened, but the current menu is pretty good.
We enjoyed it. If you’re on the dining plan, it’s a good bet for dinner.


Thanks everyone!! We’ll will be eating way before 9 since my son will only be 8 months old so we will miss the entertainment. But I’m glad to hear the food is good!!


We went there last trip and I was so keen to try it as I am of Irish descent and love Irish food and I was very disappointed. Although the food looked great it tasted awful and we were just glad we were on the free dining plan and didn’t have to pay. We wont be going back anytime soon.


We ate there in 2007 and really enjoyed it. We had the bangers and mash and the beef stew.


On the dining plan, I’d highly recommend it. The deserts are outstanding.


So So at best!!

Once is enough, we enjoyed the live music (but that won’t effect you) we were a party of 8 with very different tastes some food was good some not so.

Over all I would say try it for yourself as the food was not so bad.

Food sometimes is so hard to rate, as I do not like BOMA or Jiko most other people love them.:ph34r:


The food is all very rich and very heavy, but yummy!


Baloo and I went a few years ago. We LOVED it!! It sounds like they may have changed the menu since we went, but I had shepherd’s pie. (I forget what Baloo had… :pinch:) I thought it was a great place to go for the atmosphere, if nothing else.


I can appreciate this.
It’s almost impossible to get a good New York style pizza, bagel, or potato knish in Florida.
I on the other hand, haven’t got a clue what real Irish food should taste like.


I’m a fan of RR. I’ve been there twice and would go back again in a heartbeat. And I paid cash too, no DDP.

Great atmosphere, yummy, upscale food with artistic presentations. Throw in some live entertainment and you have yourself a terrific dining experience.


[QUOTE=Soundgod;929388]I can appreciate this.
It’s almost impossible to get a good New York style pizza, bagel, or potato knish in Florida.
I on the other hand, haven’t got a clue what real Irish food should taste like.[/QUOTE]

Well I am of real Irish descent and all I know about real Irish food is they boil the heck out of lamb, beef, potatoes and a few other vegetables.

Now I’ve also been to Fado and their food is even better than RR.
I tell you, if any of my grandmothers had cooked like that, I would never have turned my nose up at their cooking. :happy:


I’d highly recommend it. Don’t miss dessert.


I ate there once and enjoyed it, but didn’t think it was so amazing. I guess part of the issue for me is that “Irish food”, even modernized, isn’t so wonderful in my opinion :slight_smile: