Raglan Road


Hi All-- I was just wondering if anyone had tried this place!? I didn’t even realize it existed until today, but it sounds WONDERFUL! Its alitttttle pricey for my little salery however, so I dont wanna go if its not worth it!


what and where is it located?


It is an Irish pub / restaurant on PI. It is where the Jazz club used to be. I still miss the Jazz club though.


We … er… hated it. :blush: It’s not run by Disney and it really shows in the service and in the quality of the food. Very high-priced even if the food had been good. Next time we’ll either go to one of the UK Pavilion places in Epcot or the smaller place next door.



David…thanks for your comment! This is the only ADR that I’m second guessing for our upcoming trip. I’ve been tasked with choosing dinner for our party of 7 and I’m worried about this one (the only choice where I haven’t already been…) I know PJ & Baloo liked it, but I’m a little worried that we will not. I want to be sure I pick things that are REALLY Disney…maybe I need to rethink this one (and FAST…)


We were there last week - I had read your review David, but I’m one of those “well, I’ll try it for myself”. We tried it. HORRIBLE!

My husband had their signature dish - “Loin of Bacon”??? It was so salty he could hardly eat it. I had fish 'n chips which were “ok” - I don’t even think the fish 'n chips at Epcot are that good, but they are miles ahead of the Raglan Road variety. My daughter had a cheese risotto - which was gross - no other word for it. And my other daughter had “bangers and mash”. Again, the sausages were so salty they were almost inedible. What a waste - in such a beautiful setting. We would only go there again for a pint and the entertainment. The desserts, however, were very good, especially the bread pudding and the crumble. If you want to try it, maybe just go for dessert.

If I were Irish, I’d be insulted. Raglan Road does not do justice to Irish food.


We ate there over the labor day weekend and for the most part we enjoyed and thought the service was decent. We had the fried scallops appetizers and thought they were good. My wife ordered the Potato and leak soup and this was too salty. I order the sheppard’s pie while my wife ordered the fish and chips both were good. Would we go again, yes.


had I read everyones comments first I probably would not have gone. But I did not. My daughter and I went back in early Aug and we loved it. Prices at Disney are all high so don’t sweat the small stuff. We were there on a night they had a live band and it made it real fun. I can only say good things about it and I recomend it.


Wow, sounds like you could develop high blood pressure by eating here! My dad really wanted to try it on our trip last year, but it’s opening was delayed so we couldn’t try it.

This trip we just went in to peek at the decor and look in the shop. The place was gorgeous and they had entertainment which seemed fun.

Too bad the food is not good. Maybe llama’s suggestion to go for drinks or dessert is the best route!


Thanks for the advice guys! Drinks and desert sounds like a good choice for me!


We tried it a while back and I was really disappointed. The atmosphere is real nice, but the food was mediocre and the service was really bad. The server picked up my plate to carry it away WHILE I had a forkfull of food headed for my mouth!
Didn’t ask if I was finished or anything!


we ate there, but the we went was so busy, and everything we wanted they were out of. So we had these small chickens, it was ok…but much rather have something else:blow: But i would try it again.


We just sat, watched the band, and ordered drinks (ginger ale for me though, since I’m just 18). The live music was fun, although families are kicked out by 11, so don’t plan on being there too late.

Mark from Off Kilter played in the house band for a while, but he recently quit doing that. Such a shame.


I am sad to hear this isn’t up to par… we love the fish & chips at EC, so we had thought this might be the same!


We didn’t find the service bad - but my daughter ordered the carrot and ginger soup and they brought her the potato and leek. She thought it tasted kind of weird for carrot soup, but was eating it anyway - then the waitress noticed she made a mistake and took the potato soup back and brought the carrot. Problem was - the potato was better than the carrot - which was horrible.:laugh:


:eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :ohmy:


I know! :laugh:
The nerve!!!


I have to disagree with the “horrible” posts regarding Raglan Road. I have had dinner there in May and the food was true Irish fare and fabulous (if you love Irish food). The service was great and the atmosphere was so much fun with the live entertainment and traditional dancing! Now, don’t even get me started about the selection of beers available on tap - yum, yum, yum! If you want to just try a beer, you can go to their outdoor bar and just people watch. There is also a counter service for food near the outdoor bar which served up a very nice fish and chip dinner when I went there Labor Day weekend.

Try Raglan Road - at least once!


Reminds me of an old, bad joke.
“What does the seven course Irish dinner include?”
“A six of Guinness and a boiled potato”.
“Next on the Military Channel, Italian helicopters and the sound they make”
Sorry, again.


We’re a family of odd ducks who love Irish food, and we went to Raglan Road shortly after it opened. We loved the food although it was pricey. Potato Leek Soup was excellent, the Lamb was good, the Shepherd’s Pie was pretty good and the Drunk Chicken was also good. The service was fine, but the waiter didn’t know much about imported whisky which disappointed my sons. We’ll be going back on our next Disney trip - once for dinner, and who knows how often for the pub!

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