Rain Forest Cafe?


I know its not included in the dining plan, but has anyone eaten there ? What kind of food do they have ? What can 2 people expect to spend there ? Would you say it is as good as, better than, or not as good as Planet Hollywood ? We have always eaten at planet hollywood, and ABSOLUTELY LOVED it everytime. They have the best ribs Ive ever had in my entire life there. Ill never forget the first time we went there. MY ex wife, put some of her ribs on a plate for me to try b/c she said they were so good. Well, i went to grab one of the ribs by the bone to pick it up,and I had nothing but bone in my hand. The meat fell right off the bone.Ive never seen ribs that tender in my life. My saying is “If its not broke, dont fix it” but Im curious about the Rainforest Cafe. :mickey:


we ate there last trip - it was pretty good, not something i’d be raving to go back to. have you checked allears.net - it has menu and pricing info for you. theming was fun - my girls liked it (they were 4 & 7) - and seems like portions were big if i remember correctly.


I havent checked allears.net . Ill have to do that. Alot of people on here quote information from that site, it seems to have a wealth of information on it.


yes, it really does! here is the link for menus…

Restaurant Dining Menus from Walt Disney World

be prepared to spend a lot of time on here - i am always looking at these menus!! oh! and do a search in this forum of food pics - MMMMMMMMMM great way to prepare and research!!


The Rainforest Cafe shop is one of the best places for bargains at WDW - the restaurant itself is incredibly noisy, and the food is never more than “ok”. If you like screaming gorillas and trumpeting elephants, to say nothing of torrential rain storms, its a place to experience, but just once. The younger you are the more you’ll like it.


Hmm… I think Ill pass. Ill stick to my Planet Hollywood. Ill have ribs,and a chocolate shake,please…aaahhhhhh ya gotta love their famous hand stirred chocolate shakes.


I like it. But I’m a sucker for theming. The food is indeed mediocre, but I still clean my plate. :happy:


I personally prefer Planet Hollywood a lot of different choices, as opposed to Rain Forest Cafe… well the animals are very entertaining… the food is lacking. I don’t enjoy it as much as I did when I was a kid.


I enjoy Rainforest. Like others have said, it is loud and crowded and alittle crazy, but its FUN! They have some sandwhiches that are very good and their speciality Pizza’s are suprisingly enjoyable. Also, they have the BEST Bloody Mary’s anywhere. mmm… I want one right now! haha. Basically, go for the experience, not the food. I would reccomend a lunch visit, when things are not so crowded!


I would pick Planet Hollywood over RC any day. Every time we’ve eaten at Rainforest, we’ve gotten sick. And, I wanted to take a torch to the elephant that kept screaming in our ear!!!


I’m not a huge PH fan, as I’ve had a few bad experiences there, but if you get a chance try the Lasagna. OHMIGOODNESS is it ever good! Its also HUGE!


Good choice! Rainforest is fun ONCE, since you don’t know what to expect with the animals and the rain (TRex is the same)! We keep TRYING to like it, cuz the kids want to go . . . but it’s so-so and EXPENSIVE too . . . want something new in the DTD area . . . try Wolfgang Pucks . . . YUM! :wub:


I live nearby one and we go occasionally, that’s why I never go while in Orlando. Its a great experience and the food is just so so - depending on what you get. I love their pasta dishes, everything else is just, ok. My kids loved it and it is an experience to remember.


I had a really good chicken island salad there. The kids like the atmosphere and I like their shop, you can get some good bargains there. I think it is a fun place to eat and we always thought the food was good but a little pricey (like everything else at WDW).


I hate to hear the RFC get a bad rap. They were always a real treat for my kids when they were younger. Now that they are older of course, they can do without the animatronics at a meal, but back then they were more excited to go there than any other place.