Rain on my trip?


I just checked accuweather.com and it shows the forcast for WDW up to 15 days in advance. I leave in 13 days so was only able to check 2 of my days. It shows rain on 10/2/08 and 10/3/08 (YUP, MY FIRST & 2nd days). Anyone use this website? Is it accurate?


I have not used it but DH and I always plan for a typical afternoon rain shower. They are not that bad and go away very quick.


yes, we are leaving in a few days and it says we have a 60% of rain. But that’s okay, my son loves to play in puddles and the parks will be empty.



We leave in the morning. When we go at this time of the year, we always plan on a little ‘liquid sunshine’ every day. It does not last long for the most part.


don’t look at the weather. It’s not good for your mood :wink:


I’m not sure why I did that Dopey. First time ever and figures…In 2003 when we went it rained just one day our entire trip but boy did it rain. Thunder, lightening, pitch black skies in the middle of the day. I was so sad UNTIL I saw my kids jumping around in their yellow rain coat having an absolute blast. But still, I’d rather have sun. This trips too darn expensive to have rain.


If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years, it’s that the weather people are just guessing.


Oct. rainfall average is 2.73 inches. The only time we had rain on our trips were Sept. of this year and last. Each time it was about 15-20 mins long. Wait it did rain in May but that was in the middle of the night.


I would plan for rain at around 3-4PM. Seriously, it seems like it always rain between 3 and 4. Just a shower and then all sunny again. We used to tell ppl it was to clean the castle :slight_smile:


Accuweather is pretty accurate. However, keep in mind that just because there is a 60% chance of showers on a particular day or days doesn’t mean the trip will be a washout. There is a bit of rain just about every day this time of year. We had some rain for atleast half of our trip. It was never a real inconvenience. Just bring your ponchos/umbrellas!


Oh that’s cute about the castle. I hope your right about the short rain and then sunny again. I went to Aruba 3 times and each time it rained daily just after the sun rose and then the entire day was sunny. Everyday. So we woke up by the rain as our alarm clock.


Ain’t that the truth :blink:


I’ve found that they can’t predict the weather correctly for the next 5 days much less 15. But I guess it’s a pretty good bet to predict rain in Florida this time of year.


Though Accuweather may be accurate for the first few days, after that don’t worry about what it says. I don’t think the rest of the 15 days is indicitive of what the weather will actually be. Especially this far out! Keep checking closer to your dates to get a real idea of weather. I’m pullin’ for ya! :happy:

P.S. Even if it DOES rain…who cares? They are Magical Showers!!! :laugh:


I just use weather.com. The farthest out you can see forecasts for is 10 days. Also, weather in general, and Florida weather in particular, can change quite a bit over those 10 days. I’ve literally seen 10 day forecasts where that 10th day was supposed to be pouring and 3 days off that day is now 0% chance of precipitation. You’re just going to have to roll with whatever the weather gods give you, especially if some sort of tropical system spins up in the Gulf or over the western Atlantic (Bahamas). Just know that the chances of temps being under 75 are low. (Unless you were there during Wilma when the temps dropped into the 50s)


We been there when it rained just about everyday and times when it didn’t rain at all. I didn’t matter to us what the weather is we just go and enjoy ourselves no matter what the weather is. I like a little rain, because it clears out the parks. We stay and enjoy short lines and extra attention from the CM’s.


I did a bad thing…checked accuweather.com again. This time it’s not showing rain for the first few days of my stay and mid to high eighties. Yipee!