Rain Rain Go Away


Have an upcoming trip planned for end of Oct and as much as I always say I will not look at the upcoming weather report for that time period I just can’t seem to help myself. Seems like rain rain and mor rain for that week. I’m trying not to let myself get down over it but its pretty discouraging. We will just wear ponchos and keep on going!!
Am I the only one to get obsessed with weather during vacation time frame??


I’m only obsessed in winter when I worry about a blizzard shutting down the airport and delaying my trip. I wouldn’t worry about it. The weather can change 100 times before late October.


I had the same thread title this past trip. Don’t worry at all. The weather was much better than the projections were saying. In fact, several trips my Mom at home in Illinois thought we were getting rained out because of what they were showing on the maps, when in fact we didn’t have any rain at all. And, if it does rain, you still will have a wonderful time. Maybe slow down and see some indoor things you never would have considered if it were sunny.


I leave tonight for 3 raining days but I’m going to Disney so alittle rain can’t hurt me! I’ve been waiting all year so here I come!


Florida rain is pretty nice compared to English rain which is cold and miserable Disney rain is bearable because you’re in Disney! Don’t be too ruled by the forecasts they don’t always get it right.


Dang you!

I checked yesterday, and it was all sunny for the weekend we were there. Checked today because of this thread, and now there are more rain clouds!!!

I think the weather at the end of the month is pretty variable at this point.
Also, there was a huge difference between Accuweather and Weather Channel… I hope Weather Channel is correct! I like their forecast better! :laugh:


The past couple days we have had some real gully washers blow through. Last night we didn’t get any rain here but down at the World it looks like they got drenched…for hours…with a lot of lighting.

Yes it is raining a lot lately here but…but…and it is a big important but…it is only raining in the late afternoon/evening, it doesn’t last long (maybe an hour or two…well not last night), just because it is raining doesn’t’ mean it is raining where you are (I have on more than one occasion had it pour in my front yard while my back yard is bone dry), and finally you know it is probably going to rain so you can prepare.

It is still hurricane season but we have no real activity. But even though there are no storms tracking doesn’t mean we have stable air. Lots of heat and humidity still so there are still a lot of possibilities for storms.

Anyway Dixie is right…you are at Disney so the even the rain is magical!


…the forecast while we were there in Aug predicted a lot of rain…we went prepared, but only took out our ponchos once the whole week…and that was only for a brief shower…we always go prepared…and except for the time one New Years Eve— when they predicted 60s and we had 30s---- we have been surprised with better weather than predicted.

Like everyone else has said…it’s WDW…you just go with it…


We’ll be there Oct. 30 to Nov. 8.
It better not rain, but like you wrote, “just wear ponchos and keep on going!!”


I keep telling myself that all the rain I have been seeing down there lately means it will be all rained out by the end of October when I arrive. :laugh: I won’t start taking the forecast seriously until about 3 days out.


Some of the most fun I ever had at WDW ws in the rain… It just becomes a whole new experience… Do not worry.


—rain keeps the crowds lower—some people will leave the parks and go elsewhere—


Northern California rain is unbearable. Ice cold and relentless from November through April.

You’ll be fine with your ponchos. Go and have fun


I just looked at the 10 day and most of the days have no chance of rain.


Florida resident here - yes we have been having some weather for the last week but its only aft 3:00 pm. yes i know its less than desired but on the good parts 1) its florida … the weather changes as the hour changes 2) its not going to get cold after a rain, 3) it makes all the scaredycats run away from the parks so after the rain almost all the good rides become walk ons.

You can do it!


How is the weather forecasted for the end of the month already? Don’t they only do 10 days at a time?


That’s a little far out for perfect forecasting. And rain often makes the crowds lighter, the lines shorter, and the experience becomes really fun! I bet you’ll be A-OK!


Accuweather.com forecasts for the month. However, I htink (in my non-scientific experience with the site) that the weather moves up one day for every 5 days out you look. Am I explaining that right? And also, it is more likely on Accuweather to see a rainy forecast clear up as it nears, rather than the other way around.


As others have said, long range is not accurate, and will change. We were there for a few days last month, and forecast for 40 - 60 percent chance of rain. It only happened one afternoon / early evening. We just call it liquid sunshine. Go and enjoy.