Ok…so I’m so excited because I’m leaving tommorrow…then my sister just has to send me the 15 day forcast for orlando…and it shows scattered thunderstorms every single day but the last day of our vacation…now i’m sad…do these thunderstorms last all day or are these the showers everyone talks about?


My experience has been that the showers roll in and you have a torrential downpour for 15 minutes to half and hour, and then it clears off and is SOOO steamy. I think you’ll be fine. Just watch the skies and try to get to an indoor attraction if it looks like a storm is brewing, and be sure to have some ponchos on hand to slip on if you do get caught outside. If you are going to have a stroller with you, we always have an extra poncho to slip over our stroller to keep it dry while we’re inside having fun and it’s been parked outside. Have a great trip!!


We had the same forecast… It rained one day. THe forecast was 30-40% chance of rain every day… By the end of the week, it was so hot that I was wishing for a rain shower. You will be fine- have a good trip!


I have been to Disney a few times over the summer and I do recall it raining really hard daily for about 20 minutes. Then it’s bright and sunny again. It is really weird actually.


Welcome to Florida in the summer.
I’ve seen it rain only once for about 15-20 minutes, I’ve seen little showers move across all day in between sun and clouds, and I’ve seen 2 hour long cloudbursts. Prepare for the worst, hope for the best. Keep an umbrella handy, and some dry shoes.


Summer trips for us meant ponchos everyday…for less than an hour. It also lead us to find some pretty special indoor surprises. (Philharmagic, Transit Authority, Toon Town, Country Bear, Peter Pans Flight, HoP, etc!)
Have a great time!


Just watch the sky!

If you see a BIG BLACK CLOUD coming your way seek cover inside an attraction. It will pass quickly, but when it does it drenches EVERYTHING in it’s path.:pinch:

If you are bringing a stroller, I would recommend a RAIN COVER for it. There are many times I’ve see people come out of an attraction and their strollers are just DRENCHED!!:frown:

This is the ONE advantage to the plastic strollers WDW rents. I used to always carry a small towel with me (rolled tight in the bottom of my bag) and when a rain storm passed, I could easily wipe off the hard plastic stroller and my kids could hop back in. Then I’d lay the towel across the top and dry it in the sun.

As they say in Fl “If you don’t like the weather, wait 5 minutes it will change!”


That’s Florida in the summer. It will mostly rain every day but it normally doesn’t last long. Relax and go with the flow, pop in a store or attraction and by the time you’re done the worst of the rain may be over.


We were there in June and had rain forecasted everyday-it rained twice in our 2 weeks there!! Several times the skies got dark, but it passed without rain!! If you happen to be in a waterpark and can stick it out, do so—you will find a completely empty waterpark after the storm=no lines!! I also recommend having rain ponchos with you!! Enjoy your trip!!


By the way, just because it has gotten dark and cloudy and you can hear loud thunder, there is a 50/50 chance you won’t see that rain.
And just because it’s sunny and mostly clear doesn’t mean it won’t rain when the sun is out either.


On my first trip to WDW it rained every single day BUT like the others have said it lasted 15 - 30 minutes, it was around 3 or 4 every afternoon and it downpoured. Once it was over, it was over. Find shelter or if you are crazy like us throw on a pancho and jump in the puddles on Main Street! It is one of my best memories from WDW!

Have fun, trust me rain is not going to ruin your trip!



We were there the week of July 4th, last year, and it rained every afternoon for 30 minutes to an hour. This was usually when we were headed back to our resort, anyway, so it didn’t really affect our plans at all.


As others have said, the rain showers in FL typically don’t last for very long…but one of the really GOOD things about them is that usually a lot of people head for the exits when the storms come, so if you wait it out, you’ll probably see lighter crowds for awhile after they’re over. We also sometimes go back to the hotel to give the little ones a bath and a nap while it’s storming, and then once they wake up, it’s nice again and they’re all set to go back into the parks for nighttime!


When our kids were really little, we’d usually be back in the room for a little down time when the afternoon storms would pop up. It was nice to know we were in and dry!


Another plus is that they always happen at the same time. Between 1 and 3 if I remember correctly. I can’t remember the regular showers after 4 in any case.


Normally the skies open, and the rain poures for 15 minutes. Then the sun comes out.

For the past few weeks, it has been gray and rain on-and-off. Unusual, and not so great for folks on their vacation.

Disney is great at controlling their environments, but they still can’t control the weather :slight_smile:


when you have as much heat as central florida and as much moisture surrounding you…there will be a chance of rain MOST days…and yes they are usually the 15 minute - hour rainstorms that look like day spoilers. and most pop up in mid to late afternoon.

My advice - if it rains - find somewhere and wait it out…after the rain you will experience an hour or 2 of less crowded parks.


Don’t Sweat it , The week before we went in May it showed on the Weather Channel rain for the entire week we would be there. We get there and it’s beautiful for the majority of the trip. It did rain for an hour or two during our Epcot visit , but nothing more.


I have not clue about the weather, I just wanted to wish you and yours an awesome time!!