Rainforest @ AK


Do you need park admission to go to this restaurant? I have always went to to the one in DTD. We have dinner ressies for Wednesday evening. Thanks

Sorry I just realized I posted in the wrong category…


No, you don’t need to enter the park.
Rainforest is outside the park and has two entrances so that you can enter the park from the restaurant’s gift shop.

And it’s a restaurant question, so it belongs in the restaurant forum after all.


We always eat at the Rainforest outside AK. We find it is less crowded than the one at DTD. It’s always nice to go there to eat and then head into the park. Very convenient.


No, you can enter this restaurant without park admission. They have CMs posted at the exit that goes into the park to check for tickets. I have had lunches and breakfast there on many trips and have always enjoyed it there. LOVE, LOVE the gift shop!