Rainforest Cafe, better than you might think!


One one of my recent trips to WDW I finally ate at the Rainforest Cafes. Both of them (on different days of course!) I must say it wasn’t what I expected. It was better!

The Animal Kingdom RFC is the bigger of the two, with the other at Downtown Dis. While both serve the same food, the AK RFC is bigger, therefore you have to wait a shorter time for a table. So, this is the one I perfer. I love the theming at both. The gorilla room at the AK resturaunt is so cool! The thunderstorm that happens now and then is very fun!

When I ate there I ordered the Chicken Rainsticks for an appetizer (sort of spicey, so watch it!), which were very very good! And for lunch I had the Myan meatloaf, which tastes remarkably like the meatloaf at a Cooker resturaunt I at at last week in Columbus… The meatloaf had a sweet barbeque sauce that made it all the rage!

What are your opinions about the Rainforest Cafe?


Michael Darling (nice Lady and the Tramp touch! :smiley: ) Thanks for the info. I have always enjoyed Rainforest Cafe, including the ones at WDW. The one at AK is preferred by me, usually less crowded, and a great break from the park at mid-day.

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Animal Kingdom

Downtown Disney



Hey thanks for the heads-up on that, Mickey! Not to sound like a little brat (after all I’m only 3! :wink: ) but Michael Darling is from Peter Pan (the youngest boy), I don’t really like Lady and the Tramp much…


:eek: :eek: :eek: You are totally right. The “Darling” hit me, but I guess that is Jim Darling, not Michael Darling, now that I think about it.

Sorry, and thanks for the review.