Rainforest Cafe DTD or AK?


Are either of these included in the DDP? I have looked at allears but to be honest it doesnt give a great deal of information. We are in the 1st stages of planning our adr’s so need to know whether to included this one or noe. DD would love it so we may take her anyway on one day but if they are not included, we need to budget for it. Thanks all x


I am pretty sure that this restuarant is not included in the dining plan.

I have never eaten at the Rainforest Cafe at DTD or AK but i have eaten there in other places and i have always enjoyed the food and the atmosphere.


not on the DDP that i know of, but the DDP restaurants for next year are still subject to change i bet!

we are trying Rainforest in DTD in 16 days - i’ll be back with a food report and pics for you after that!!


I’ve eaten at both . . . not my fav . . . kinda over priced franchise food! And, they push for you to get their $14.99 lava cake dessert!! I will say the atmosphere is cool, and my kids LOVE the big fish tanks!! During the wait you shop around the attached shop, which helps pass the time.

Besides NOT being on the DDP, they also don’t follow the “Disney Rules” for celebrating birthdays, etc. :closedeye


Neither are on the Dining plan, but we have enjoyed RF at AK on several occassions. Check out my TR from Feb with some photos of our last visit:


Insiders Tip: If you sign up for their Safari Club Card, you will get some pretty good discounts and priority seating.


i tried to sign up for the safari club, but the website said you have to do it there (can’t do it online)! boo!!


It’s not on the dining plan :frown: and we have only been to the one in Animal Kingdom and we enjoy it even though it is pricey


Of all the themed, mass chain restaurants, Rainforest Cafe is by far the best. Their food isn’t to die for, but it is good nonetheless. The atmosphere is great and is fun for everyone in the party. As far as pricey is concerned… A burger or sandwich is going to run you about $10-12, an entree is going to run you in the ballpark of $15-22 on average. By comparison, pull up the lunch and dinner menus for a place like Olivia’s Cafe at OKQ or Kona Cafe at Poly and you are going to be paying about the same pricing. With that said, all dining at Disney is pricey, not just at Rainforest Cafe.

Oh, and as emamasa said, sign up for the Safari Club when you there there. It’ll get you priority seating and a free Appetizer if they let you use it on the first time visit.


Will they let overseas visitors join the safari club? Just wondered if it was for US citizens only. I hope it’s not…sounds fun- but you never know with these things.


At AK… it is a mad house at the one at DTD… you’ll have a more peaceful meal at AK… and there is no other sit down service at AK…you wil appreciate sitting in A/C and being waited on… the c/s at AK is better than at most Disney Parks…but the park can tire you out as there is a lot of walking with not as much shade or A/C as you’d like… So if I had to chose I’d go with AK… we have a RFC near us at home, so we don’t bother to go there while at Disney.


By the time Ariel visits in 2008, Yak and Yeti will have been open for close to 10 months, and that is inside AK. There will also be the full time buffet at Tusker House and the character meal is being moved there from Restaurantosaurus.

We’ve dined at the AK’s Rainforest, and felt it was mediocre. We also have dined at the one in Disneyland’s DTD. I don’t think I’d go near the Orlando DTD location, it’s always massivly crowded. The Rainforests used to participate in the dining plan, but stopped about 2 years ago. They still do give a discount to AP holders though.


Good question… I wouldn’t see why not. If you have the ability to make a call to the States, you may want to fone them and see what they say.