Rainforest Cafe?


We were considering Rainforest Cafe (AK) as one of our new choices but I just read a review in Mousesavers. It was a crummy review!

“It was much too loud, it was crowded, the décor was distracting and frankly silly, and the food aspired to mediocrity.”
“Our lunch at Rainforest Café may just possibly be one of the least appealing meals we’ve had on Disney property.”
“If you absolutely have to dine there, we recommend you pick something as simple as possible - maybe a burger. Anytime the cooks have a chance to dress something up, you can pretty much count on the quality going downhill.”

Um, should we blow this off and try it anyway, or is it more accurate than not but a must do anyway, or did the guy just have a bad day? :huh:


We go to the Rainforest every year, either DTD or AK, and have never been disappointed. True, it is not up to the par of meals in Epcot’s World Showcase, but it has never been bad for us.

And the kids LOVE the decor and the Monkeys coming to life, etc., it makes their day. As a matter of fact, my DS just wrote a report for school and called the Rainforest his fsvorite place to eat anywhere. So that makes it well worth it for me.

If only it was on the meal plan…


It’s an over-priced tourist trap. You’d be better off going somewhere else.


I agree with 4077…


Oh, go try it for yourself. It’s a really fun place you just have to try at least once. Granted, it may not be the best culinary experience of your life, but then neither are any of the counter service places you’d eat anywhere in the parks. We’ve been to both RFC’s in WDW and the one in DL times and enjoyed the experience so much, that we’ve even traveled over an hour here at home to go to one in Massachusetts with our whole extended family. And no one has ever compained about their meal.

A trip to the Rainforest Cafe is more for the fun of it all. If it was really terrible, they wouldn’t still be in business or have new restaurants popping up all over the place.


We have been to the RFC 2x - once in DTD and once in AK. The food is okay - but I like the atmosphere - especially if you have kids. It does get EXTREMELY crowded. We like to try different resturants each trip and I think it is a nice idea to mix it up and try something new. I say go for it. You may have a great experience there.


I love the rainforest cafe at AK. I have been there twice now and my DD is very exited to go again in October. The food is fine, service was excellent anf the prices were to shocking either. I encountered no wait or little wait for a table. I absolutely LOVE their gift shop! I find some of the best deals in there.


Oh yes, Dana! We drink out of their big, hefty coffee mugs every day here at home! I really need to go get some more. If they’re in the dishwasher, DH and I stand there and wait for them to come out.


Um, should we blow this off and try it anyway, or is it more accurate than not but a must do anyway, or did the guy just have a bad day? :huh:[/QUOTE]

Hi, Smee!

If you go to any Rainforest Cafe it is noisy! The elephants and the gorillas are both making noise. My DDs love the one up here in CT. If you go expect it to be loud. I wouldn’t plan a romantic dinner there.

We have also never had a problem with the food. I have a hard time picking from the menu.

Hope I helped.



We always love going there. We’ve been to the one at Downtown for the past four trips. This year we’re trying out the one at Animal Kingdom. The kids really enjoy it. The food is okay, prices are Disney prices, but the setting is just–well–cool. I’d certainly try it. I think what irritates many people is a three hour wait at busy times. That can really put a damper on a meal when you’re hungry.


Yeah,NO restaurant is worth a 3 hour wait!!


We purchased a Rainforest Cafe membership (they were pushing a deal when we were there). It was $15.00 and with it you always get a discount off all food and merchandise and guranteed NO WAITS. We just walk up, flash the card and we’re in.

My dh bought it because our dds love the place. I agree that the food is pedestrian, but it’s not terrible and it is loud, but it’s fun too. Just to look at the acquariums and all the nutty happenings. Teens love the place. As for the store - there is no better deal in all of WDW. Their stuff is good quality and their sales are excellent. I just bought hoodies for $7.00 (regularly $40.00) AND got a discount because we were “members”. Try it at least once.


I’m pretty sure you can also make a ADR for Rainforest Cafe, or maybe reservation - I seem to remember doing it once when we were planning to eat there. BTW, we loved it. My only complaint was that they moved our stroller when it rained to a very obscure place, and they told us they never move strollers when we asked. We ended up finding it after 10 minutes of searching.


It’s definitely fun to go there at least once, just to take in the decor and atmosphere. It wasn’t that loud when we went last year at DTD. The food is good (I think my Dh and I split a ribs and steak platter) but it’s not “OMG I HAVE TO GO THERE AGAIN” good. It’s still a fun dinner and we’ll probably go back this year.


I say go try it for yourself. You’ll either love it or you’ll hate it, but at least you’ll stop wondering what it’s like.

Hubby and I personally love it. We’ve been there twice and both experiences were good–the staff, the food, the atmosphere. The only thing that we don’t like about it are the long waits (even if you have ADRs). But again, we really like it.


The only good thing about the AK Rainforest Cafe is the entrance into AK from the inside of the restaurant.


I would definitely say give it a try if just for the the atmosphere, which is kind of fun! We ate at the one in DTD in June 2005. The food is your basic Bennigans/TGIFriday’s type food, and it is loud in there. We sat by the fountain, which my kids loved, but it seemed like every kid around us came over when the Fountain show started.


Remember RF is not owned by Disney it is owned by Landry’s so go on Landry’s site and see if there are any discount coupons. I had 2 coupons (forgot where I got them it was a couple of years ago) and used both for one bill for 3 so the cost was little less. Joe


You’ve got to try it once. Get the Browny/Ice cream volcano thing. Presentation and the animals are what its all about. Food and shop, not so much. Tried the cheese sticks once, they tasted like they were straight out of the freezer with just a smidge of microwave. I recommend trying it in some city were your didn’t spend $1,000 a day for tickets and lodging. There’s one in Seattle that is the same layout and food You still have to wait, but what else are you going to do. (Sorry Seattle)


You made a good choice picking the one at AK. Last time we tried the DtD one we waited a long time and the food was horrible. This is sad to say since both me and DW LOVE RFC. Its something we do everytime we go to wdw. The atmosphere is what makes it, since yes it is pretty much the same food at TGIFridays.
It can be loud, but thats cause either the Gorrillas are grunting, Monkeys howling, Elephants trumpeting…well you get the picture. All the animals come alive and the kids love it. I think the person who reviewed it had a long day in the parks, since if it was so bad why do people wait 3 hours??
Even though I’m telling you to try it out, I’m trying to talk my Dw out of not going this year. LOL, somethings wrong with that…but I want to try something new this time around.
P.s. the appetizer sampler is a perfect meal by itself and if you like pizza I reccommend papagallos perfection, its my fave pizza there!