Rainforest Cafe


Is the Rainforest Cafe still at WDW? If so how is the service now adays? when I went, it left a little to be desired?:crying:


There are two Cwgirl. One is at Disney’s Animal Kingdom just outside the park gate. The other is at Downtown Disney.

I’m with you. I haven’t been in a while, but I have been to both of them. Neither one was anything to write home about if you ask me.


It’s kind of fun to eat there but the food is not so great and the lines to get in are horrendous!:eek:


My family and I were planning to do this one day when we were at DTD, but it was unbelieveably busy. :blink:

The only 2 Rainforest Cafes Ive been to were in Florida (not WDW) and Las Vegas (inside MGM Grand). I love, love, love this restaurant and always adore coming back to eat there. :wub: Gosh, just thinking about it gets me hungry…


I have gone to the one at animal kingdom two years in a row for lunch. We had excellent service both times. We are going back again this year. Great lunch. I love their gift shop too. I have never ate at the DTD one. I haven’t really heard anything nice about that one. Their shop roocks though…lol


The food is not great but the place is fun to watch…


:laugh: I agree with that!

We go every trip though, mainly because the kids enjoy the atmosphere there so much. The food is okay and the kids are happy.


Rainforest cafe is OK, in my opinion. We have one here in CT and we don’t care that much for their menu, but my girls like the atmosphere. I feel there are better restaurants at Disney, but to each their own. If you have already been, try something new!


We’ve been to the ones in DTD at both WDW and DLR. We like the food alot, but have to agree that the service can be slow. I think it all depends on when you go and how busy they are. We went for lunch during the week last Nov at the WDW location and had great service. But there have been other times (especially here at the DLR location) when there are heavy crowds and we’ve had to wait FOREVER for our food to arrive. I think you need to plan it out and if you decide to go at a popular time, expect delays.

My DW is an elementary school teacher and loves to roam the gift shop looking for things to use when she teaches her tropical rainforest section.


We enjoy it. It’s not the best food, but it’s not the worst either. It’s too noisy, too busy, too crazy - but we always seem to go back. And the gift shop has the best bargains at WDW.


Plus expensive


I have been to the Rain Forest Cafe’ four years in a row. Each time the service was great, the food was excellent, the atmosphere was outstanding, and the prices well it’s WDW. We got a lot of food for the money. If you go during off-hour times the wait is not to bad. Making an ADR helps a lot.


Just a note, the RainForest is not own or run by Disney it is owned by the Landry Restaurant chain.


We used to have one in our mall up here, it has been gone for years now. We did try it, but I too, was not at all impressed!


It used to be at Fortunoff The Source Mall! I remember it…I think I ate there once. I also ate at the one at DTD once. (both times BEFORE we had kids) The atmosphere was cool, but the food wasn’t that great. Wasn’t horrible, but not worth the LOOOOOONG wait in my opinion.


Yup, that’s the one! I enjoy H&M so much more!


Do you come to The Source often? If so, we gotta hook up!

(sorry to threadjack!!! :ph34r: )


I was actually just over there today! I was suppossed to be meeting my Aunt for a late lunch/early dinner at Benihana’s and it was closed, so we ended up at Chili’s.

We’re always around that area, besides, there are no cinnabon’s by me!


I am always there, too! It only takes me 10/15 minutes to get there. You gotta let me know the next time you’re going on a shopping trip!!! I’ll meet ya!!!


I LOVE Rainforest. I’ve been to…

Both WDW Rainforests
San Francisco

And have loved them ALL except for the Paris. The French just don’t understand the portions us American’s like to eat… :smiley:

But we almost never miss a trip to Rainforest on our WDW trips. I’ve always been happy with the food. I see that several of you complained about the waits… That kinda surprised me cause we’ve rarely waited for more than 15 minutes or so…never more than 30…