Rainforest cafe


Am I right in thinking that that the Rainforest cafe in AK is non bookable for reservations? Or did I dream that? :laugh: I vaguely recall on our last vacation that we just had to queue and wait for a table as they didnt accept reservations? What about the one in DTD? x


I know I’ve had reservations there for dinner in the past, but I can’t remember if I had to call them directly or go through Disney Dining.


I think they’ll only take a reservation for large groups. However, if you do buy a Rainforest Membership (it was $15.00 and we got that off our dinner, as I recall, plus a discount in their shops, as well as other little “perks”), all you have to do is flash your card and you’re seated immediately.


the one downtown took reservations (just 4 in our group) - i called them directly.


I have been able to make ADRs at both locations and I’ve done it through Disney Dining. It was just for a group of 5. You should not have any problems making your own ADRs. Happy Eating!!:laugh:


That sure seems worth the $15.00 - especially if you get that taken off your meal! :whistling Thanks for the info.


It has been years since we ate there but I do remember having to wait for a table.


You can most definately book an ADR at the AK Rainforest. I do every year. It’s tradition for me and my DD to have lunch there on our way out of the AK.
It’s definately one of our favorite places to eat in WDW.


Brilliant news, thanks so much for answering my query. Also big thanks to Llama for that membership info, great idea esp as you get it taken from your bill also. I wonder if I would be able to join as a member though being from the UK and not a US resident?