Rainy weather & Im getting worried


Ok so I was checking out www.accuWeather.com to see what its going to be like next week for our trip. I have done this for past trips and have seen afternoon showers etc (which we all know usually pass rather quickly) Well now this time for the first time in all of our trips it says: afternoon t-storms during the day and for the 1st 2 nights: humid and rainy and the last 2 nights rain. Im getting worried that our trip is going to be rained out. And seeing as how we are staying at AKV with a savannah view room Im afraid that the animals wont be out. We had beautiful weather the last time we stayed at AK so we always saw animals.
Am I reading to much into the weather? Am I worring for nothing?


I am sorry to say that it has been raining here for the last three days ( I live about an hour and half away from Disney ) . In the last two days we have gotten 10 inches of rain in PSL… We were also unusually dry this whole summer so I think that the rainy season has now begun ( its usually starts in June ) I hope next week is better for you trip but you shouldnt worry you will still have a great time .


yes! Stop it! your blood pressure !
Relax, go pack and enjoy :closedeye


Pack your rain ponchos and go have fun!
We just got back and it rained everyday - afternoon thunderstorms. The best day we had though was the one when we woke up and it was pouring. We left the room about 7:30am in our ponchos, got to the park and it was empty! We rode Dumbo twice in row, Peter Pan twice in row and even got to meet Ariel. In five years, I have never met Ariel because the line was always too long.

Rain is your friend as long as you are prepared for it. :laugh:


IT’s Disney!! You will have a magical time… even if it rains.

Seriously, I know rain can be a bummer, but there is so much to do there. Make sure you bring poncho’s. AND Be sure to wear some kind of hat under the poncho. IT keeps the rain out of your eyes. OH… and be sure to wear shoes that will do well in water. I make the mistake of wearing flip flops… then when it rains… my feet are wet and slippery.

Think positive thoughts!


Definately I love walking in the rain with ponchos and the Parks are empty Also living in Florida you have to learn to do stuff when its raining otherwise you would never leave your house …

I agree with Daisee about the shoes crocs are great water shoes they dry fast and if your not wearing socks so will your feet … I am actually picking ponchos up from Walmart this weekend ( they have Disney ones just so I am prepared for in case it rains at the End of October ) .


Plus, its week + more away and they aren’t always that "accu"rate. Rain isn’t bad necessarily at Disney, as everyone has said. . .lots to do, just be prepared.

Relax and have fun!!


Just be careful on the slippery store floors when it has rained!! The crocs have that gripper bottom, but they still can be quite slick!

Go, have fun – don’t worry about rain! :mickey:


Please don’t let the rain ruin your fun. A couple of years ago in December it rained one entire day. We threw on the ponchos and headed for the MK. It was one of our most fun days. We had the whole MK to ourselves and the temps were nice and cool.


Thanks everyone. I’m starting to cheer up about it and hoping that it wont be that bad. After talking with DH last night about it he put another positive spin on things and said that the rain at night might be late and we will be sleeping anyway so.
I have to start packing, Ill make sure that I pack my crocs (I got the mickey ones when I was there in May) and ponchos.
I got a really bad ear infection on monday and went to the doctors and got drops so thats another thing that Im worried about. Its getting better but its not back to normal yet. Im keeping my fingers crossed cause we arent leaving for another 3 days so.


I couldn’t agree more with everyone. Rain might put a kink in your plans, but it certainly won’t spoil your day. In fact, we always find rain works in our favor. The crowds always thin out, and, the water rides are not an issue. :slight_smile:


Well, I live about an hour and a half away from Disney too. I live on the opposite side of the state in regards to tiggerlover1971. We’ve had rain here and there, but nothing too bad over the last few days. It’s supposed to be light chances of rain for the next few days. We’ve had a little sprinkling here and there; nothing that’s going to keep you out of the parks.

We’ll be out at Disney on Saturday (the 29th of Sept) and am very happy with the weather forecast. The only thing that worries me is an afternoon shower and the sun coming out afterwards. Yuck! When that happens the humidity seems to spike like ten fold.


Pack the ponchos, and look at it this way, the lines will be even shorter!


I just checked the weather site again and guess what it changed. FOR THE BETTER YAHOO… 2 nights that were rainy and humid now are saying just a chance of a passing shower. Im so happy right now. Sorry just needed to share.


Much better, congrats. Most of the time the showers last no more than 45 minutes to an hour.