Rainy weekend, Ideas?


Just me and the wife are going to Disney this weekend. We left the 5 boys at home…need a break!..So it appears that it will be raining. Does anyone have suggestions for what they did on rainy days? Id like to make a ,“Rainy Day Iteniery.” You know, inside rides, shows, etc.
We have annual passes so its not limited to any particular park.
Thanx for the input, thats why I love Disney folk!:pirate:


Most rides are inside, it’s walking outside to get to them when you’ll get wet.
Not sure if you’re a Florida native, but when they say 30% or 40% chance of showers, there’s a better chance you won’t even see rain. If you do, it will usually be brief. I’d stay away from Disney Quest and I’d consider going to the water parks, you’re going to be wet anyway. This probably doesn’t help much, but when it does rain, everybody’s plans go up in the air anyway.
There’s also the strong chance that a shower will come through while you’re on a ride and will be gone by the time you go back outside. This happened to me on Labor Day with Soarin’. It was bright and sunny when I entered and when I exited, but I could tell it had just rained during my 20 minutes inside. And that was the last rain I saw that day.


Pack quick dry type clothing, foot wear that is good in wet weather, a waterproof backpack with towels, and rain ponchos. Then enjoy an semi empty park!

(When it rains people leave the park in droves…just “rough” it out in your gear for a few minutes and get the reward of shorter lines!!)


I asked a similar question in another thread - might be useful to check it out too!!

we’ll be there with ya - hoping for no/little rain & NO storms!! have a great time!!


I would just make sure you pack extra clothes and get a locker. I would bring those cheap ponchos also. Like the others said…it might rain one minute then the next it will be sunny and nice. Just keep watching the weather though…there is a disturbance huddling around Fl right now. They’re not sure what it gonna do yet. Keep our fingers crossed. That is the last thing we need right now is a you know what!


Disney Quest or rough it and get wet.


That’s what we’ll do. I’ll go in my quick dry speedo board shorts, a light shirt and flip flops… Then we’ll play in the rain all day! Had to do this a few years ago when it poured all day at Epcot during the Food and Wine Festival on opening week.


Hurricane Center said at 5 PM whatever it did, it was expected to move off to the west northwest. And, yes, I’ve got Weather Channel and the NHC bookmarked.


That’s a necessity if you live in Florida! :laugh:


You’ve seen some of my posts about staying at the Poly during Wilma and the upstairs TV in the concierge lounge seemed to be on Weather Channel 24 hours a day, and I kept checking NHC’s website. Then, after the storm went, the only way I was getting info from down south was on the web. But I really don’t expect anything this time. I’m not even going to clear the patio.


Yes just checked again and they are thinking it will hit the Northern Gulf Coast. Woooh, dodging bullets.


Um. :blink:

If you’re brave enough to leave your 5 boys together at home, I suspect a few raindrops will not mean much in the grand scheme of things… :laugh:

Looking forward to the surprise upon your return? :blush:


The most I plan for rainy days is to bring a poncho and umbrella with me. I always dress in quick drying clothes at the park in case we go on a wet ride. I never give the rain a second thought. We just keep doing our thing.


That is always part of the plan. Bring extra shirts, socks, and shoes so you have plenty of clean dry stuff back at the room.
In case of rain, the shops in theparks break out their stock of umbrellas and ponchos.


Unless you live on the Northern Gulf Coast…:ohmy: TWC’s Mike Bettis is reporting from my neck of the woods this morning… Actually right in Kip’s neighborhood but close enought to me for me to worry!!!:blink: They say you really only have to worry if Jim Cantore makes an appearance so I’m hoping he stays away!!! :glare:

Sorry for the slight threadjack…Back on subject…:blush:

We too just stick out the weather and turn into the “Poncho Posse”. 80% of the time it will just be a quick shower anyway! Most people don’t know that and there is always a mass exodus when the rain hits! Perfect for those of us brave ones who enjoy playing in the rain!!!


The Magic Kingdom is the best park in the rain. Many of the rides are inside and they are grouped fairly close. Plus if you know the park you can often get from point A to point B by cutting through gift shops etc.


Rainy Day Tips

First, remember that some rides will close for safety reasons whenever it rains. The most obvious ones are the outdoor thrill rides like Test Track and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.
Next, take wild weather warnings seriously. We’re not suggesting that you go out during the rains of a hurricane or an electrical storm!
If you are going to be walking around in the rain, dress appropriately – a lightweight poncho or rain slicker is de rigueur for rainy days. And maybe bring a change of socks, just in case your feet get soaked. Walking around in squelchy, chafing socks is a surefire way to bring on a blister.

We like to drive over to Downtown Disney and do a movie marathon at the AMC24 theater. If we are at the Boardwalk Villas as DVC members when it is pouring, we try to grab a rocking chair on the deck outside the main lobby, curl up with a book and we have a great view of the lagoon and Boardwalk.

We took a bus to Downtown Disney to the shops and bought a scrapbook and supplies. We then went back to the hotel and I started working on it while my husband plotted out the next day’s itinerary. I even included a rainy day section with pictures of us stuck in the hotel room. I was able to do most of the scrapbook before we left Disney and I had something fun to show my coworkers when we came home.
A great way to spend a potentially not-so-magical day is to visit Downtown Disney. The shops are fantastic and are each beautifully themed. There are plenty of dining options to please all members of your group. Downtown Disney is also home to a huge movie theater and DisneyQuest – an indoor interactive theme park good for a few hours of fun when the weather isn’t wonderful. My family and I could easily spend an entire day wandering around Downtown Disney. Regardless of the weather it’s a great place to relax a bit after storming the parks. Enjoy!
Take advantage of the exercise rooms in most of the Disney hotels, a nice meal and maybe even a nap… the sun will come back soon enough. And, you will be refueled and energized, ready to go.
Go to one of the PhotoPass stations and take the time to edit and save the pictures we had taken so far on the trip. This would save valuable time at the end of the trip, as you won’t need as long to finalize and make the photo CD, a process that can easily take at least an hour even with a minimal amount of pictures. The extra time spent adding embellishments to your pictures will be so worth it when you get back and can’t do that to the pictures anymore.
Make it to a 3D show in the parks. These usually last about 30 minutes and are indoors. Most of the time when you come outside the rain has stopped and the sun is out!
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Go play in the rain and tell everybody you just got off Splash Mountain and found your happy place. Remember you are on vacation and you are not the only one caught by the rain
Just put on your poncho and go! But what if you are surprised by a sudden shower? Stacks of ponchos will miraculously appear in most every store at the first sign of rain, but if you duck into a store and don’t see any, just ask. They’re likely to be just a step away from every register. Some readers even offered their primo poncho pointers:
If rain is in the forecast, we bring an extra set of clothes to the park and put them in a locker. We can choose the poncho route, or just get a little wet. When the rain stops we run for a quick change; dry shoes and socks make all the difference. Carrying a towel in a backpack can help, too, to dry off the seats of rides before you sit!
The poncho hood does not stay put on the head very well, so get a sun visor that fastens at the back of the head and put it over hood.


Epcot with its many indoor attractions as the park to spend a rainy day in. Future World pavilions have at least one show or ride of some kind, plus children’s hands-on activities, gift shops, and some even have places to stop for a bite to eat. The World Showcase country pavilions also have shops, exhibits, live entertainers, places to dine, and nooks and crannies to explore, which could easily take a couple of hours before you have to venture back out into the wet nastiness.
Head to the Land Pavilion in Epcot and take the Behind the Seeds Tour. It lasts about an hour or so. You get to go through the greenhouses and labs and see the techniques Disney uses to grow their plants. When you’re done with the tour, see the Circle of Life film. You’ll love it! Finally, you can have a bite to eat at Sunshine Seasons. It’s a wonderful food court that offers a wide variety of selections. Up above you are beautiful hot-air balloons. It’s all inside though, so you won’t get wet from the rain outside!
Head to Ellen’s Energy Adventure. We have never had to wait and since the show takes about 45 minutes total, the rain is almost always stopped by then.
When it rained for two to three hours at Epcot during our Disney trip last year, we took advantage of the Innovations West area and we sent all of our friends and family FREE email picture postcards. The best part, though, was that we took pictures in different poses with different digital backgrounds and we sent copies of the emails to ourselves, so we also had some cool memories for the photo album!
Go to Epcot and along the way we stop in Mexico for margaritas, Germany for brats, France for a ham and cheese croissant and the United Kingdom for fish and chips. At the end of our fun, we buy new Disney towels, dry off and go back to our favorite hotel!
On rainy Epcot afternoons, head over to the Rose & Crown for some wonderful piano tunes with Pam Brody! Try and get a table close to her piano. On Pam’s days off, a gentleman named Leon Gregory plays, and he’s great as well! And if you get hungry, you can order the snack size version of Harry Ramsden’s famous fish and chips from one of the bartenders without getting wet standing at the counter service window!
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The Haunted Mansion! Duck into the Columbia Harbour House for lunch or a snack, and then to the Mansion! The rain adds to the eeriness, and the waiting area walkway is covered. It is oh-so-much-cooler to enter the Mansion if there is lightning and thunder outside, and the quick downpours in Orlando are usually over by the time you emerge from the ride.
Visit the characters at Mickey’s Toon Town Fair. We just kept queuing up for the next character. We got to see all who were there and stayed dry.
Ride Buzz Lightyear, only to find it raining more than before… to take just a few damp steps into Auntie Gravity’s Galactic Goodies for some ice cream. From Auntie Gravity’s it’s just a short sprint under the superstructure of the Tomorrowland Transit Authority to the escalator that will take you up to this attraction. This is undoubtedly the best place to spend some rainy weather time while in the Magic Kingdom – just drifting along on this pleasant ride we all love, safe from the raindrops outside. And if it’s still raining after you get off, it’s another easy sprint to the Carousel of Progress.
Still raining? Keep to the covered edge along the now-closed Timekeeper, and past the Noodle Station… and then you have the whole of Main Street to shop and eat along, dodging the raindrops by going from shop to shop. We love the sunshine, but it’s great to be at the Magic Kingdom when it’s raining!!


Slow down and explore the Disney hotels. Loop the monorail resorts and check out the shops and restaurants in the hotels, maybe even do lunch. Plunking yourself in a rocking chair in front of the fireplace in Wilderness Lodge takes the chill out of a dreary day.
The best place during the rain was Community Hall (Boardwalk Villas). Near one of the quiet pools is this recreation room that is totally Disney. It is a place that has tons of activities for the kids including: arts and crafts (for a small fee), movies, a ping pong table, a foosball table and video games. The Belle Vue Lounge off of the lobby at the Boardwalk has games for you to play including Yahtzee and checkers. They have great couches inside, and right outside on the deck is a great place to sit and watch lightning.
Just put on the Do Not Disturb sign and sleep in. After that, we spend the day wandering the other hotels and enjoying seeing what they have to offer.
Go shopping. Each of the gift shops at the different resorts has the standard merchandise; then, as an added bonus, they have merchandise specific to that resort. Collect a different beach towel or shirt with the resort’s logo on them, or I stop by their snack bars and pick up a soda cup with the resort logo.
Discover the beauty of the resort you are staying in, take a closer look at the lobby decorations, walk around and look out the public viewing areas. Or take a tour of a resort. If your resort has no tours, call the Wilderness Lodge or Animal Kingdom Lodge and see if a tour is available.
Take your Hidden Mickey book and head over to a hotel on an adventure looking for them.


That was off the top of my head. I can go into detail if you want.

Ok, I plagiarized. But it was for a good cause.


You can tour resorts, or go to MK and do all the indoor attractions!