Ralph Brennan's Jazz Kitchen


For those of you who don’t follow my unabashed adoration of the Jazz Kitchen, the Golden Foodie Awards came out. Jazz Kitchen didn’t win the best burger with their Filet Mignon Cheeseburger, but they did win BEST DESSERT IN ORANGE COUNTY!

Winners - “Golden Foodie Awards” Food’s Highest Honor

Next time you find yourself at Disneyland, shuffle on down to Downtown Disney and take a seat, order the Double Chocolate Bread Pudding and see why. :pirate:


VERY cool!


I wonder if I’'m ever going to eat there? It’s too spicy for my mom… but perhaps she could be enticed by bread pudding? :laugh:


No wonder they won, it’s amazing!!! Andrea,maybe you could just go for appetizers and dessert?


Perhaps if you were promised Girly boots… :pirate: