Random Photos of WDW


Ok, I’m a little bored, so I’m posting some photos taken at WDW this past July.

To begin, here is the Polynesian. I just love this resort!:heart: We stayed in the Tahiti building.


what?!! that’s it?!! COME ON MAN, THAT’S JUST A TEASE!! i expect more than that from a fellow jersey disney-a-holic. lol :laugh: nice pics, but you better cough up some more. i am really jones-ing from looking at the earlier post w/ the WDW ride videos. any and all help w/ my current state of mind would be greatly appreciated :wacko: can you say 12-step program for WDW anonymous? the phrase kinda just flows right outta me right now!!


Yay, random pics! :laugh: :mickey: Can’t wait to see more!!


This posting of photos is new to me, so please pardon my slowness.

Another Polynesian shot.

The morning ducks who came begging for food!


I :heart: Disney ducks!


wow diisneygeek, you’re double digit dancing right now, lucky dog!!


Yeah! But if it was only for a Disney trip… :laugh: :mickey: JK!


The big boat from the shores of the Polynesian.


Always take time to smell the flowers!:flowers:


Now onto Epcot! You have to love this place.


The Beatles were reunited and they did a pretty good job!


Hey, that’s cool! The Beatles are my favorite band. :wub:


The fish at Japan!


did someone say random?


Goodnight Epcot!


That is very random!


Could someone please get me some napkins?


The car show at MGM. What a terrific show!:mickey:


More cars.


Walk like Mickey!