Random pictures from today


don’t let the signs fool you, they didn’t film today for the parade due to the rain. but i did overhear that celine dion and jonas bros filmed yesterday!


i think the animal kingdom tree is may favorite of all of them


despite the wait times i was able to walk onto space mountain (was there at rope drop and ran), rnr coaster, TOT, Everest, and Dinosaur. the rain seemed to send everyone to epcot!


my legs HURT:pinch:
i wish i could have seen all the “santas” around epcot, but i needed to cram as much in as possible!


Great pics!!! Wish I was down in WDW right now!


awesome pics!


I just love Disney World at Christmas time


UGH i am feeling the 4 parks/1 day today! my legs feel like someone hit them with baseball bats!

so worth it!


I love that you can just hop in a car and go to Disney. How far actually is Jacksonville to Disney?


it’s 2 1/2 hours! although i made it home in 2 yesterday :ph34r:
we don’t know how much longer we’ll be around here since my job wants to move me somewhere else so i have til jan 10th to enjoy it then my pass expires :frown:

when i was a kid i went once when i was in 9th grade so being so close has been an absolute dream come true!


How pretty WDW looks at Christmas time. I hope you have a most magical time:)


Thanks for sharing the pix! We were in WDW last December and loved every minute of it.


It just occurred to me that I’ve never been in AK when it was raining. I’ve been there during a brief cloudburst, but always accompanied by sun. The grey clouds over EE are very very cool (no pun intended)

Great pics! Thanks!


AK is nice if it is raiing. Many of the animals throughout the park are out.