Random Road trip ending at disney


Yah I wasn’t really looking to do anything today, and well I’ve been having this thing about just getting in my car and driving. I figure out where I’m going when I get there. Last week I found myself in ST petersburg at the pier.

Well today I decided to go somewhere when I saw I only had 1/8 tank of gas, well it won’t be a long trip today. So I started driving and ended up in the epcot parking lot. Started off with spaceship earth, not much new there. Then hit up mission Space walked right on. Then went out to world showcase. So I started out in Mexico and ran into Maria a classmate of mine from High school. So I thought perfect time for a picture, I take out the camera and realize that batteries just don’t replace them selfs. So she took a picture with her film camera. Then we went around World showcase did some cathcing up. Then we decided to walk around the Epcot resorts, not much new over there but it sure is a nice walk. Then we walked back to the monorail and went over to the MK.

We got one of the monorails with the floors instead of the carpet. We got into the MK then we went over to thunder mountain, got out of there and got FP’s for Splash we never used them but we got em. Then we went over to the Jungle cruise that had a decent line 50 mins. Then it was off to Tomarowland land we did TTA and the speedway, the lines weren’t bad. It was getting twoards dinner time and Maria was leaving on Thursday so we went back to the Cont, grabed some food in the food court, then we just hung out by the pool for a bit and then parted ways. On the way back to my car at Epcot I was on 2 monorails with hard floors.

Now I’m back home and tired, to much sun today. sorry about the whole no pictures thing.


Awesome, even without pictures!! Sounds like you had a great day with Maria, 15.

You must live REALLY close to WDW, which is very cool…

Super day! ;c)


That is great! I guess you two were just meant to spend the day together. How fun to just get in your car and drive. Glad you had such wonderful day. You are so lucky to go to WDW anytime you want to.


Now that’s what I call going for a drive!


Awesome “random” drive there!! :mickey: :mickey: :mickey: :mickey:

(once the MOUSE is in you…he never lets go!) :wink:


Yah it is great living that close but I don’t go to the parks as much as I used to. It was quite strange to think of all the people to bump into at disney I ran into someone that I know who live’s 1200 miles away.

Well I’ve only got a few more weeks in my current apt then I’ll be farther away from the mouse.


Not TOO much farther away, I hope! :eek:


Once the state of FL finish’s a road they have been working on for over a year and disney allows regular cars on there new entrance road it will only take me about 5 mins to get to disney. However in the meantime It will become more like 25 mins from my new place. I proably won’t be able to see the fireworks every night ethier.


Just curious…are you going to have to change your screen name? :tongue:

Seriously though, I bet it was really cool to see the Magic Kingdom fireworks from your home!

My in-laws in England watch the world famous Farnborough Air Show from their back yard! They live about 8 minutes from the field!


The best firework show is NYE’s all 3 parks and then the multiple local shows it lights up the sky like you wouldn’t believe.

No I’ll let my screen name stay.


Have you ever video taped the NYE fireworks spectaculars? I’ll bet they even rival the July 4th fireworks!


OMG, if I lived that close I’d be there ALL the time!!! My car would be on automatic pilot . . .


Now that is the best road trip ever. Great day off for you. Thanks for sharing the TR!


No I should have. The best firework show is normally in Sept down here the american pyrotechnics convention puts on a show with the newest fireworks to hit the market. They shoot the fireworks for 30 mins (wishes is 11 mins long) with the ocasional break to let the smoke clear. The best part is the show is free to view becuase the only place that can handle the show is the seven seas lagoon or maybe its bay lake I’m drawing a blank right now.


I’m sorry - I’ve just got to ask - it’s driving me nuts.

What’s the significance of carpet vs. no carpet in the Monorail? :confused:


What a great day! I wish I could get to WDW on an 1/8 of a tank!


not much, but hopfully come summer time it will reduce the odor inside the monorail.

just do what I did leave CT and move to FL. Best decsion I ever made.


Good for you!!! Unfortunately my DH isn’t too keen on the idea…maybe someday…


I tried to do that 2 years ago. Then, while I was looking at condos, hurricane Charlie had blown thru and 2 more were on their way. Not to mention that at every job interview I attended, literally everyone I met said “oh no, don’t do it. “I” wish I hadn’t.” Prior to that, I tried to move to Wilmington NC and northern Kentucky, but both places were struck with natural disasters right before I was about to move. Then, the hurrican seasons just got worse and worse down in Florida, so I’ve abandoned the plan to move south.

Anyway, I’m glad to find someone who’s happy they went.


Well I do love FL, I miss living in CT, I miss being able to climb Kent falls at least once a week, the drive home to my parrents house down RT 67 during the fall (don’t miss winters on that road), I miss going hiking at bulls bridge. I miss alot of stuff from up there but I prefer FL.