Ranger Stan


I have really sad news to share for those of you. I apologize if this was posted in the past week. I could not find a post.

Ranger Stan, of Wilderness Lodge Fame, passed away on July 26th. I met Ranger Stan twice and had the absolute pleasure of taking a Tour of the Wilderness Lodge with him. It was a pure highlight of my trip. What a wonder guy!

obituary Stan Moore: Stan Moore loved his job as a greeter at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge - OrlandoSentinel.com

Just an amazing man!


As many times as we’ve stayed at Wilderness Lodge, I’m certain to have met the man. I just can’t say I have with certainty.
My first reaction was “Oh darn”.
It’s always sad when someone who has been a fixture of a place that is beloved by many is no longer part of the family.



I had posted the news on the Osborne thread since they passed one day apart but didn’t incl a Ranger Stan link. Thanks for putting this here because I couldn’t find one at that time.


I am so sorry to hear this, he was the nicest guy. He helped us raise the flags one morning, something we’ll never forget.


He was an amazing guy!


That he was. We could feel his love for WL in talking to him. I think he knew everything there was to know about the lodge and truly loved his job.


He was a wonderful CM. He absolutely radiated the Disney magic!
We spent close to an hour visiting with him one day and walked away smiling. Sad to see the good ones go :slight_smile: