Rank your DVC Resorts



I am calling at 7 months tomorrow to see what I can get for 3 nights before our cruise. I have stayed at VWL and OKW. OKW is out for sure as I want something different. I did like VWL. I am considering all others. I have always thought I wanted to try BWV but I’ve heard it is not that great. BLT is high up there, but BCV is tempting. I know I may just take what I can get but I’d love to know your ranking.



If I had smallish children…BLT. Haven’t done it yet, but walking to MK has to be great.

Older kids or no kids, BC. Great pool. We have stayed at BWV to save points (if they had standard views) or if BC was booked. If points are the same, I’d pick BC. Not that we found BWV to be bad, just that we liked BC better. Although I have to say the CS/drink mug situation with BWV is a pain.


I had a great stay at BWV in May, but we were a group of adults so that may make a difference. Our room was very nice and the pull-out sofa was the most comfortable one I’ve used anywhere!

Haven’t stayed at BCV… but it’s def. on the list of to-dos. Seems like everyone loves it there.

Good luck with the tough decisions!!


AKV is my favorite, but you didn’t list it, so don’t know if you considered, or just voted it out. Will be at BCV in a couple of weeks, so can’t vote on that one yet, although I hear nothing but good things about it.


It will be 3 of us with our 11 yr old son. AKL is not out, I just don’t love the darker theme. I would pick it over SSR just to give it a try though. I have heard Kidani is great. Would you pick a regular studio at AKL or just Kidani? Also if it factors in how are the food options and your top picks?


7.HILTON HEAD (never tried)
8.BAY TOWERS (never tried)
9.ANIMAL KINDOM (never tried)


Jambo House is much preferred for me over Kidani. Just my personal preference. The lobby is jaw dropping, and love the smells of Boma and Jiko in the air. The Mara is at Jambo House, so you wouldn’t have the inconvenience of having to walk 10 minutes to the counter service. You mentioned not liking the darker theme, but it can be very relaxing after a long day in the parks. Kind of puts you in a different world. And then there are the animals! I just love watching them at night.


Just to add to her thoughts:

I’ve never stayed at Kidani, but we loved Jambo house. We’ve stayed twice, with our third in a few weeks. We loved the resort but also we love the lower points needed. We have always be able to get the “value” studio. Once we had a great view, the other time not so great. Would definitely pick AKV over SSR. We have never stayed at SSR, but we just like the “everything in one place” concept. That’s the reason we don’t like CBR. You have to hike 17 miles outside to get to the food court. I know BWV is know for it’s endless hallways, but I’d rather walk in a hallway than in the rain, heat, etc…


Well, I went for BLT lake view. They had availability everywhere for a studio. I know we will like BLT and will try the others some day.

Thanks for the input!


I’ll just rank the WDW DVC resorts…

  1. Boardwalk Villas: it’s last in my list because I don’t like how it shares bus service & the resort can be overwhelmingy big, the atmosphere felt kinda ‘cold’ to me there too

6) Saratoga: I’ve grown to like it more over the years but it’s always felt like a large boring condo park to me

  1. Old Key West: I might give it a higher ranking when everything is finally refurbished but the older rooms are pretty gross; I’ve had stains on rugs, chipped paint, rust around a leaking A/C vent, etc.)

  2. Beach Club: Once again, ashame that it shares bus service with Boardwalk, Swan, Dolphin, & Yacht 'cause those buses get full during busy seasons. Not fun.

  3. Kidani Village: The most amazing atmosphere, the pool area is stellar, has it’s own great restaurant… only drawback is location (compared to my top 2)

  4. Bay Lake Tower : The member lounge is just unbelievable, location can’t be beat obviously, access to the monorail & good restaurants at the Contemporary, cool pool & slide.

  5. Wilderness Lodge Villas: I just can never find anything wrong with WLV. Warm & cozy feeling, good restaurants, the boats are a great option, pools are great, I’ve never been dissapointed with anything there.


[QUOTE=jk8;1047291]Well, I went for BLT lake view. They had availability everywhere for a studio. I know we will like BLT and will try the others some day.

Thanks for the input![/QUOTE]

Good choice!! :happy:


1.) VWL- The only choice for the relax only trip. Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!
2a.) BC/YC- Lots to do (boardwalk) and Stormalong.
2b.) BW- Lots to do (boardwalk) and reminds me of the NJ beach growing up.
3.) OKW- Room size.
4.) SSR- It was nice but nothing special compared to the others.

Have not been to AKL or BLT or the Treehouses. Someday.


you can actually get a good view of the animals? how far away are they?


We had a giraffe feeding station right outside our balcony. So, the hidden fence was probably 10 to 12 ft from the building, and then the tree that held the food was maybe another 10 ft. We’ve also watch the big bulls (can’t remember their names) hang out right by our balcony also.


thats awsome!


It was asked if animals were close enough…here are a few pics from our Kidani room last week!!


That’s them! The bulls! I think they are my favorite. It amazes me that they can move around so gracefully with that huge chunk on their heads! Thanks for posting the pictures!


wow thats sooo cool. i had no idea how close you get. to bad i can’t book a room for my ex in the lion cage.


4) Beach Club: Once again, ashame that it shares bus service with Boardwalk, Swan, Dolphin, & Yacht 'cause those buses get full during busy seasons. Not fun.[/QUOTE]

We stay at BCV almost every trip and rarely share a bus with Swan, Dolphin, or Boardwalk. The last few trips the only shared bus was the DtD/TL bus, all other buses were only Yacht and Beach Club. Maybe they only share in the off season and not the busier summer months.


We were there during summer months too. I hope they changed it 'cause that was a nightmare, that’s the only reason why Daniel won’t agree to stay at the Boardwalk again or even try Beach Club. It got to the point where a MK bus would get to the Boardwalk stop and only 5 people would be able to squish on because the bus was full from the other 4 stops. We had NEVER taken a cab in WDW before that trip but Daniel was getting so upset we’d take a cab & he even went to a manager to talk about it. He NEVER seeks out managers, it was a crappy experience. I really hope it changed for good.