Ratatouille at the World?


Has Disney done anything at the World with Ratatouille?


Just a meet and greet with Remy and Emile @ MGM or Hollywood Studios, whatever it is called now.


Yep, you do the animation tour first and then they are at the end (we missed Emile, he was gone for the day!) . . . with fun interactive computer screens to test your animation skills . . . the Incredibles were there as to meet!

You can see pics in my old TR!


We noticed in France in Epcot they have Ratotouille merchandice here and there. We looked in at Chefs de France (I think that’s what it is called) and you could see Ratatouille place mats for the kiddos.

That’s all we saw.


the animation tour sounds like alot of fun- plus we love those new characters too.


Is the wait on the animation tour very long compared to other attractions? We are pushed for time the day we are at DHS but that sounds like something the kids (and their father) would like.


Remy and Emile are no longer doing meet and greets at the Studios Animation as we’re getting ready for Wall-E to start doing meet and greets at the Studios!


I did see Remy & Emile for the first time last June in Disneyland near New Orleans Square. I never saw them in WDW during our August or November trip but I did see a couple banners in the Studios park with the Ratatouille characters on it.

Otherwise, haven’t seen much besides pins & other merch.


REALLY??? That is so cool . . . can’t wait! :happy:


While I was there I asked a cast member back where the Incredibles are and where Ratatouille meet and greet used to be (in the Studios) and I was told that they are moving to Epcot!! And we’ll be able to soon find them in France! And like Rowdy mentioned in the Ratatouille space will soon be Wall-E (heard all that from the cast member!)


It really is good fun. I must admit the last time I did the tour the new character they were just about to release to the world was Stitch! So I think a visit here is a must on my next trip. The talent is amazing. Don’t miss it. :happy:


Yeah, I was highly dissappointed when I worked there a few weeks ago, (I do photopass at AK all the time) I told this little kid who thought the posters outside were the coolest thing ever, that they were inside. I found out a couple hours later when I went inside to shoot the incredibles that they weren’t there.

I heard that they were only at Epcot for the food and wine festival, but I’d be cool with all the time. They’ve got koda and kenia there all the time now in Canada.