Is Ratatouille featured much in WDW as yet? DD adores Remy and is always asking if she can meet in when we go away. I am expecting him to be found most likely in MGM ( esp when it changes in january…) but it thought it might be worth asking now, incase he can already be found either in person or just merchandise.


I’ve seen pics of him making appearances in Stars and Motor Cars parade. For a while he and Emille were also appearing in the animation courtyard, although I’m not sure if they are there anymore.


I saw pics somewhere of people meeting him so hopefully he will still be there for you DD.


You can meet both Remy and Emile at the Animation building at Studios.


He led the parade at MGM while we were there a few weeks back. :slight_smile:


We saw him in the MGM parade a couple of weeks ago!


He is in the animations studios, MGM . . . you have to watch the 10 minute show before hand and then your walk through what used to be the REAL ANIMATION studios, sadly now a “ghost town” . . . Remy is THERE and so were the Incredibles when we went (no pics of them) Mr. scared the pants of DD3 . . . but she didn’t mind the BIG FURRY RAT!! :laugh: :laugh:

PS. He is also featured in the parade . . . with a bunch of dancing chefs!


Oh mickeysgirlz…those pictures are fantastic! You have made my DD’s (4) day! I have just shown them to her and she is now running round the living room! :laugh: :laugh:
I can’t wait to meet him…shame it’s so long away!


I still have not made it to the movie but I am looking forward to meeting the big furry rat! :laugh: