"Ratatouille"WINS OSCAR!


For best Animated Feature!!! Congrats Disney for another job well done!!!


I just saw that, it’s so exciting!

Amy Adams is performing “Happy Working Song” right now…she is so incredible. :wub: :wub: Love. Love. Love.


i hope disney comes out a big winner tonight!! they did lose best make up for POTC 3 but they still have a few more categories to go.


I thought Captain Jack could win that one on his own. :pirate:


i thought so, too.


cool . . . Thanks for the update . . . was unable to watch it tonight! :wub:


you’re welcome. glad to be of some help.


That’s so good to hear…

I think that we will watch it again tonight… :wub:


Kristin Chenowith did a good job on “That’s How You Know”, but I thought it was well below the screen version. I still think it is going to win best song!

Prezcatz Paul


I agree - she did a good job but it just wasn’t on par with the original! It’s really too bad it didn’t win.