Rate and review!


Guys, with so many trips over and new ones coming up, let’s not forget to go to the rate and review section and post our thoughts. I love going in there and reading away while I’m planning for a trip. I like to hear what others have to say about resorts, retaurants etc. Please do take a peek in there and share your opinions. Thanks!


This is a good reminder Dana!


^^ Not sure what the rate and review section is or what it is for…

I can rate stuff from a disability POV


You can find it on the main page here. It’s a section where people write reviews for restaurants, resorts, parks and guide books. i have found it to be perfect for a second opinion or just researching new places to try out.


Ummm Dana, I am embarrassed to say that I didn’t even KNOW there was such a thing as “rate and review” on DC.
:blush: :confused: :wacko: :sleeping: :ohmy: :huh: :nonono2: :pinch:



I also, didn’t know about this feature…but I will totally use it now that I know!

Thanks Dana :happy: I love finding new things tee hee


Ooo dana, that was FUN! I just wrote an AKL review!!! Hmm, I may have a new addiction when bored. I LOVE reviewing things!!! :happy:

(uh oh, she’s created a monster… there will soon be enough “reviews” to match my post count. :wink: hehe)


I didn’t know about it either! I am going to check it out!


I always forget about rate and review.

That’s how I found DC in the first place!


I read about it a month or so ago, but shamefully have not looked into it! :blush:


Dana - That is how I found DC in the first place. I was looking for resturant reviews…then I got involved in DC…and the rest is history! :mickey: I am going over there right now! Thanks for the reminder!! Sometimes I get so caught up in CC and New Posts I foget what else is available here and there is A LOT! :wub:


Goodness, I didn’t know about it either! Wow is my face red… OK, I will check it out!


Great! I love using the rate & review section.


What is the Rate and Review of which you speak?? :huh:

Iminahafta check it out…


It’s located on the home page. You have to check it out. It’s great.


Woot! Good job Dana. Rate and Review is awesome, but it makes me sad how little it is used.

For those who still can find it, try clicking this .



Oh… Wow… I feel I missed out until now, because the Rate and Review stuff is pretty nice. :pinch: I just looked for the FIRST time and I encourage anyone else who hasn’t done it yet to do so! ASAP! :wink:


thanks Bruce! I can’t take credit though. Buzz brought it to my attention. I almost forgot about it myself…thanks buzz!


OK. Now you’re just copying me. Have you no shame?! :tongue: :wink:

But, really. The Rate and Review does rock. I always forget it, too.


Proof That I Don’t Copy Erin

by: ingamba

  1. I never word things the way she would.
  2. I don’t number my lists the way she does.

The End

When I get back from WDW in early Feb, iminahafta write some reviews in theah.