Rates Structure


Hi Everyone,

I haven’t been around for the past few weeks (darn job). Glad to be back!:laugh:

I just made reservations at POP for a conference that I will be attending in Orlando in February. I was surprised that Wed/Thurs nights were $79 (AP rate) but Fri/Sat were $129. I knew that there was a new rate structure but that difference amazes me. We usually use our DVC so I had not been subject to this yet. WOW!:huh:


That is a big difference. Like you, I knew about the different rates but didn’t know it would be that much.

Will we be able to get AP rates for weekends?


Yes that is a very big difference


I actually do not know. I assume that the $129 rate for POP means that I did not get a discount for those nights. I might call back and try to get a AAA rate for those nights.


Welcome back!
The rate changes have forced us to book our weekends offsite. We use DVC M-Thurs nights and if we’re still at Disney we transfer to a cash resort…we’ve already booked our “lead” nights into our trip offsite for our next 3 trips. Sad to say, the rooms offsite are bigger, bigger beds and better priced. I’d rather stay onsite, but for savings we’ll spend a night or 2 offsite since we drive and have a vehicle to easily do this.


Something doesn’t seem right. $129 for a value in value season? Are you going Presidents’ Day weekend perhaps?


There’s a good reason for this. I just checked the rate card.
1/1-2/14 is value season. 2/15-3/29 is peak season.

Correction 2/13 and 2/14, not 2/14 and 2/15.


Understood. I was just surprised at how big the difference is between say a Thursday and a Friday.


That is a huge difference. That is one of the reasons we changed from Dec. to June. In June, the room is the same price every day…in December, it was $285 at the Poly for 2 days and then changed to $500something for the last 4 days b/c it became the holiday season. It is really ridiculous for it to nearly DOUBLE in cost just b/c it is the weekend. We used to do trips on 4 day weekends when we lived in Savannah, but with this new rate structure, we’ll have to drop those trips when we move back to the mainland.


It’s NOT double on weekend!
You’re trying to book when it goes from “dead days” to Spring Break, value season directly to peak season. As I’ve posted somewhere else, I experienced the same thing in reverse as Dec 31 is peak season while Jan 1 is value. The cost of my room at WL concierge went from $540 down to $285 with passholder discount of about $100 literally overnight. Oh yeah, and one night at Pop in a preferred room on 12/30 was $153.


Again, I am with you but I was booking Feb 20th till the 23rd which are all peak days, I think.:blink:

I am calling today to get some clarification and I will post what I am told.


OK here is it in a nutshell:

I have AP reservations at POP for Wednesday and Thursday, Feb 20 and 21st at a rate of $79. I have AP rates on Friday and Saturday, Feb 22nd and 23rd at a rate of $129.

I called Disney and confirmed that this is correct.

Hope this clears this up.


Thanks for the update! And, have a great time!!:happy:


Skwak, I think a better way to look at this is, $129 is the rate, and you got a break for the first two days.


I decided to play a little. I just went to the Disney web site and entered Pop for Feb 20+21. What came back was $131 per day plus tax for a total of $295.
Feb 22+23 came back as $141 plus tax and the two day total was $318.

You got a break!

It does look like there is a slight increase for weekend nights, but $10 is more reasonable. Also, I seem to recall that every notice I get about AP and resident rates says Sunday-Thursday.


They got ya!:mad:


I was just looking at All Ears for 2008 room rates.
It looks like the values have a $20 per night bump on Fridays and Saturdays during the summer, $10 per night during all the other seasons including holiday with the exception of value season when there is no change weekday to weekend. There is also a “holiday” rate within each rate season for these dates:
*Holidays in 2008 are:
– Martin Luther King Weekend January 18-20 (MLK)
– Presidents Day Weekend February 15-17
– Easter Week March 16-27
– Independence Day Weekend July 4-5
– Thanksgiving November 26-29


Ok, I was looking at the room rates on AllEars and there’s an extra charge for weekends at POFQ but no weekend rates at WL. Is there a difference between mods and deluxes?


You’re kidding, right?:blink:


I don’t mean it that way, I meant in the rate structure.