Raycer Boats at the resorts?


Has anybody heard anything about the new Raycer Boats at the seven seas lagoon resorts. i.e. fees, restrictions, etc… My DH is obsessed with speed LOL and those little water mice may be to slow. Just kidding, he really wants to take the kids on any of these.



Janelle -
Hi! i haven’t heard anything about these boats. Have you tried the official website? they would have the information. If not, you may have to call WDW travel and ask about them. Sorry I didn’t have information.


the sea racyer boats have replaced the water mice in most locations, they have the most speed at the MK resort area (gf,poly,cont,Wl,FW) and the greatest area to use them. they are about $23.00 per half hour. as for restrictions to drive one you must have a valid drivers license, this is a new policy due to a bad double accident in one of the sea racyers back in early april.

take a look at the link below for pictures of the watermice.


Thanks for the infor 15mins. I think the driving restriction is just fine. My DH will be happy with the $23.00 per half hour. He thought it would double for the half hour rate.
Thanks again!!!



Are these new boats only 2 seaters too???


actually then he will be happy to know that 45 mins is only like $30.00 (ballpark figure) and 1 hour is not $46.00 quite its a little lower, there is also a package from time to time with unlimited recreation you may want to call disney and ask about this when you book your room.

Yes the boats are 2 seater still, very similar to the water mouse most changes were only cosmetic.