RCI 3.6 million members?!?


Not sure if this was previously discussed, but I just came across an article regarding Disney and RCI’s agreement. My question is that is anyone else concerned that DVC will be impossible to get reservations? Looking at the numbers listed below from the article, am I’m reading it right, that there are now 3.6 million more people who can make reservations for DVC??? We are very close to buying DVC, but now this seems to put a damper on things.

"Disney Vacation Club Members will be able to enjoy vacations at a variety of destinations across six continents and 25 countries and will have access to a significantly broader range of resort experiences, including more all-inclusive options, more nightly exchanges than ever before and even a selection of luxurious, high-end fractional properties.

Similarly, RCI’s more than 3.6 million members will now also enjoy the opportunity to exchange into Disney Vacation Club resorts and may rent at Disney Vacation Club resorts throughout the year."


Basicly, the only reservations that RCI members will be able get is for points exchanged by DVC members. Should make no impact on us at all. It’s not like DVC can just give our time away.

On the other hand, it will offer a larger number of locations which will be available to exchange. In addition to normal timeshare weeks, RCI also has a points program so you can actually book a single night. Not sure what sort of exchange fee we’ll get hit for on short stays though.


Any ideal what the exchange rates will be? If I recall correctly, with II it was around 130 pts. to get a week somewhere else.:huh:


The RCI point charts are posted on DVCMember.com