Rci trade?


we have bonnet creek booked in October (the week we want - 10/22-10/29) but are considering changing to stay onsite - we can choose from OKW (9/17 check in) and SSR (9/24 check in). i really don’t want to go in September (I want food & wine fest and am considering MNSSHP) - but would love to stay onsite.

so…1st - what would you do?

2nd - which would you choose if you were staying onsite with those choices?

3rd - i thought i saw a $95 fee for staying in DVC - any info about that?



I love having WDW Transportation, so I would prefer to stay onsite.
We like OKW near the hospitality house. We have tall teens, so it’s nice to have 2 queen beds in a studio. Both resorts are very nice though. SSR you have a short walk to DTD which is nice. I hate that late night bus ride back to OKW from DTD…but we stay til midnight or so.
We have only gone from DVC to RCI, so I don’t know how your exchange works. DVC has a $95 (or so) exchange fee too.


RCI has fee on fee on all exchanges. RCI is a 3rd party. DVC charges the fee on stays not in DVC resorts but within Disney - a crock IMHO - they didn’t ask me but I told them anyway. :laugh:

F&W weekends are very popuilar so jump now if you want to book. EPCOT resorts are almost impossible to get.


We stay at SSR regularly and have tried OKW, too. Both are nice, but we prefer SSR. The tree houses were very cool.


I’ve decided that if there is a dvc in october we’ll switch, otherwise we’ll stick with bonnet creek - i really had to decide which is more important - staying onsite or going the week we want/with the activities we want happening/fall break. we chose the week…

but i am still hoping some miracle happens and i get both :slight_smile:

thanks for input!!


If you do stay at the BC resort use this one tip. If your whole party does not have AP’s, buy a ticket for one person in the party for 3 or more days from AAA. Then ask for the AAA for the Diamond Parking pass. It gets you right up front of the parking areas, next to the handicapped section. It is literally a 1-2 minute walk from the gate to EP, HS and AK. And it is right off of the TTC for MK.