Re-opening of pirates


has anyone heard detaiils of the opening of pirates :pirate: . when is it?. i heard the one in DL is going to be bigger are they doing anything at WDW. maybe Jonnie will appear sigh !!! or at least Orlando sigh!!! any news at all?


End of September the last time I heard.


I thought pirates at DL was opening end of June and WDW beginning of July.


That’s what I thought?!?! :huh: They ALREADY pushed back the DL date and now I will miss it in June. I REALLY REALLY hope they don’t push back the PoC WDW date 'cause if it’s not open in August I will be REAL dissapointed! I will have gotten douped TWICE!! :crying:


From what I’ve heard, PotC is supposed to open on July 7 with the movie. However, this date might get pushed back by a week or two. As much as I’d hate to see PotC open in the end of July, that would be MUCH better than Disney cutting corners and giving us only half of what we were supposed to get. I really hope Disney changes their ways and actually gives this ride the budget it needs.


nice. Both open the day before my birthday! Hooray! Rum all around!


I think I’ll just continue to keep my hopes up and go along with the Disneyland website! :tongue:

It is saying that PotC will be back up on the 26th, my first day there, so I like what they say the best! :pirate:


All I know is I plan to be at Disneyland for the movie premiere!! See Johnny and Orlando walking down Main Street turned into a giant red carpet? You bet your sweet bippy I’m on that.


ok not fair. i am happy for all of you in california but they should do one here. yea two different nights.