Re: Who's Cruising


I would LOVE to do a Disney cruise! How do I convince my DH to do a cruise?!?! He loves the parks but is leary of a cruise of any kind. Any advice would be appreciated!


Well, what is it about cruising that concens him?

Price? Cruises look expensive but you have to remember that the price indcludes food, lodging, and transportation to the different ports.

Kids on Disney? Not a problem. There will be kids but there are adults only areas and on Disney most people compain that they can’t get their kids to leave the kids activity programs. Access to the characters is also much less crazy.

Getting sea sick. There is movement, but with the size of the ships and the ships are engineered to reduce rolling.

My DW was not sure so we did a 3 day DCL to Nassau just to stick a toe in the water so to speak. She loved it and I find cruising is the most relaxing trips that we have. You can do as much or as little as you want.

I highly recommend at minimum, an ocean view cabin. I won’t book anything but a balcony personally because I absolutely love sleeping with the door open and listening to the waves, and just chilling on the balcony.

Do not get a couples massage. They are extremely addictive. We did the couples choice last DCL cruise which consisted of a foot wash, hot tub on the balcony, couples massage, then time on the balcony with tea and fruit on the chase lounge. Yeah it was EXPENSIVE but we enjoyed every minute of it! (We get one or two massages EVERY cruise.)

Oh, and welcome to Mouse Buzz!


My husband wasn’t big on travel period, then I got him going to WDW and now the Disney Cruise. Show him some videos from the travel channel on the DCL. That really shows how beautiful the boats are and the fun that adults can have.


We went on a Carnival cruise in '07 and I got seasick one day and my daughter then 10 was sick the entire 5 days. We had an inside stateroom, can’t remember the exact location besides deck 5 or 6 maybe. We are going on a 4 day in August on the Dream and are getting 2 deluxe oceanview connecting staterooms with verandah for our family of 5, kids ages will be 15, 14, & 9. I sure hope seasickness isn’t as big of an issue but will definitely go better prepared. So I just booked this about a week ago or so. Note the further out you book, the cheaper it is. It was filling up fast for this summer so what we got was about all they had left, but it only cost $6000. I think that is pretty good for what we got for the 5 of us. I bet people spend that much on a WDW vacation after airfare. We are driving about 11 hours.


I definitely have to share this with my DH! I believe his hesitation comes from some of the stories he’s heard on the news, eg. the cruise ship that had the fire on board recently, lost all power and had to be towed back to port.

I LOVE the couples massage idea! Maybe that will be what ropes him in - I mean convinces him… He’s loves going to WDW with the kids and even made the ADR’s for this trip (normally I make all of the plans and ADR’s for our trips)! I’d love to do the cruise because you get the best of both worlds - a trip to someplace beautiful like Nassau and mouse magic too!:laugh: