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I found the link below and I just thought about all of you when I read it. Please read:

Thanks, Walt (“Scoping” the Parks) by Mike Scopa on November 16, 2007



Thank you. :smile:


Thanks MB for being my “Disney Connection”… :happy:


Oh wow-
I have tears streaming- I mean the type of streaming that you cant control.
I had never thought of the words to “When you wish apon a star” like that and the reality that while going through one of the hardest times our family has had to overcome, our first thought is to escape to Disney… to buy a disney membership… order matching disney jammies etc… And the only friends that I even eluded that there was a problem to were the ones on this site… because I knew you would all “get it” . Each one of you has expanded my world in some way shape or form and for that I am eternally gratefull for!





Thanks for the link!


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Aw, Karie-anne. I wish I could be where you are right now. I’d give you my shoulder and a big hug, but since I can’t do that…(((((BIG HUG))))). Hope all gets better for you soon.


I love Mike Scopa!!! :happy:
You really need to come hear him speak at the next Magic Meets in PA in July!
I love his speeches!!! :wub:


Oh, wow. What a cool article…it’s so true. Thanks you guys for being my Disney connection!


Hooray for MB! The ultimate “Disney Connection”!!


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That was so lovely. And true!


I sure hope that Mickey reads this since he started all the MB (Disneycentral) madness!:laugh:


That was great!! :happy:


Thanks for the link, i really enjoyed reading it.


Aww, that’s my friend Mike. He’s such a big old softy!! :happy:


Thanks for thie link. And to all those who “get it” many thanks indeed. My first exposure to Disney was as a young boy watching the Mickey Mouse Club in black & white. So many years later it was amazing to find a coworker who “got it” and introduced me to the joys of WDW. And now to you my friends I give thanks for having a safe harbor where I can come and just be me.

Best holiday wishes,


Mike is the best. I have been so lucky to have him teach a WDW Vacation Planning Class @ our local High School. I have taken his class twice just because he is such an inspiration. You guys need to tune in to his Podcast.